NCIS: Preview of "Murder 2.0"
NCIS: Preview of "Murder 2.0"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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On the last episode of NCIS, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) reluctantly joined forces with FBI and old friend Agent Fornell.  The FBI was after a Mafia Boss and the Marine who was a key witness was suspected by the NCIS of being responsible for the murder of two other Marines.  Indeed, some evidence cemented the link to the Mafia Boss.  Meanwhile, the Marine escaped from the FBI seeking revenge and eventually ended up killing the Mafia Boss.  Even the combined forces of Gibbs and Fornell were powerless to stop him.  Meanwhile, Ziva (Cote de Pablo) was planning a Tel Aviv vacation, while Tony (Michael Weatherly) found pictures of a shirtless man sailing on Ziva’s desk.

Tonight’s episode of NCIS fits Halloween to a tee.  If you liked The Blair Witch Project, then you will surely enjoy “Murder 2.0.”  Apparently, YouTube is all the rage even on the high-rating CBS procedural.  During the week of Halloween, the team gets a murder case unlike any other.  Devoid of any obvious clues, they find a link to a website inside a container inserted on the victim’s mouth.  When they checked the website, they appear to be the first visitor to the site.  What did they find?

Little spoilers ahead.

The video seems to have been taken in night vision from inside a vehicle.  The murder victim is seen approaching his car (while Abby shouts “Don’t get in the car!”), and when he does, the presumed murderer starts attacking him, with some non-diegetic images interspersed throughout the video, such as a baseball batter hitting a ball.  The website is called primitus victor, which Abby points out to mean “first victim” in Latin.  True enough, it is about the first victim but contains clues about the second victim.

You can check out the video yourself when you type in the website (  It goes straight to the NCIS show page on the CBS site where they play the video.  Meanwhile, Ziva (as shown in the picture) is royally pissed to find incriminating photos of her on a computer.

Catch NCIS tonight at 8pm.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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