'NCIS' Premiere Recap: 'Nature of the Beast'
'NCIS' Premiere Recap: 'Nature of the Beast'
DiNozzo's in the hospital, having been shot while wearing a bullet-proof vest. Kate Todd's sister Rachel is back to help jog his memory about the night's events, especially who was in that photo at the end of season 8.

In flashback land, everyone at NCIS is trying to find out what DiNozzo's assignment is, even Gibbs. Tony doesn't seem thrilled about holding out on him.

Guess EJ didn't know there were cameras in autopsy, because Ducky found her incision in Levin's wrist from the season 7 finale and all they had to do was roll the tape.

Navy Captain Wright is killed and has the same incision in his wrist as Levin. Could this have something to do with Tony's mystery assignment?

Tony remembers how he tracked EJ down and asked for the microchip back. He can't help her if she doesn't trust him. She says she doesn't even know what's on the microfilm.

Looks like Levin and Wright both spent time in the Office of Naval Intel, spying on spies. Microchips help with that, so I hear.

There's an FBI agent named Stratton nosing around the hospital about DiNozzo. He tracks down Tony's room and excuses himself when he sees Rachel there.

EJ finally fesses up that she's delivering the microfilm to Wright, but DiNozzo breaks the news that he's dead. Shots ring out, and the two NCIS agents take off in a car.

Abby and McGee figure out that the chips functioned as electronic door openers. The brainpower between those two is scary sometimes.

Sean Latham is introduced to Gibbs and Vance as the Director of the Watcher Fleet at ONI (they're spies who spy on spies). Levin and Wright worked for him as part of a team that tried to prevent terrorist attacks. The microchips collected a lot of intel that the bad guys would love to get their hands on. Gibbs needs to find the microchips, which is convenient since EJ and Tony bring their microchip straight to his house.

Cade, EJ and Tony all meet in an alley and figure out they were set up. All three of them are shot. Cade's body is found by the Potomac, EJ is gone and DiNozzo is in the hospital. Who set them up?

Tony remembers - the picture was Cade. He was always after Cade, and needed EJ's help to draw him in. He also can picture the shooter in the alley - it's Stratton, whom the FBI knows nothing about.

Meanwhile, Latham brings a microchip to a super secret room, where Stratton is waiting with the second microchip. They turn on a bunch of screens and start the bidding - and the bidders don't look like Boy Scouts.

Gibbs is rifling through Mike Franks's old case files and comes across a picture of a group that includes Latham, Wright and Stratton. Gibbs knows this isn't over.

Did you guess who was in Tony's picture? Did you see any of this coming?

Crystal Waters
Contributing Writer

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