'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Setting Sail
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Setting Sail
Beware. NCIS has set sail into the season finale.

Ye be warned me hearties. Here there be spoilers.

We are traveling into uncharted waters with Brian Dietzen and Pauley Perrette. They've shared a bounty of information. Yeah right, over Shane Brennan's dead body. But they did hand out a few hints.

Assistant Medical Examiner Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) has a girlfriend. This is the same guy who used the autopsy room as a rendezvous spot for sex with Attorney/Agent Michelle Lee. We all recall how that ended. Perhaps Palmer should have his new girlfriend take a polygraph test. Have you ever been an enemy agent? No? Great, how about dinner?

Dietzen thinks Jimmy's new flame is here to stay.

"The writers seem to like her because she's mentioned several times over the course of the season," he told the Seattle Post Intelligencer

Dietzen makes the point that Jimmy is the only person on the team with a relationship. Right now Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, Tim McGee and Abby Sciuto have hit a dry spell.

"The only bummer is Jimmy's got nobody to double date with on the team," Dietzen commented.

Maybe Tony could take Ziva or McGee go with Abby. Maybe I'll just keep hoping a pair of them over looks rule number 12. Remember? Never date a co-worker.

Dietzen gives a warning to regular watchers of NCIS.

"True fans will love how this is building up to the end if you really look at it, it's a five-part finale. There are nuggets of the story dedicated to how this season is going to end, so you can't miss any of it," he promised.

Unlike Pauley Perrette, Dietzen does have a Twitter account. Those of you who tweet can follow @BrianDietzen. He recently tweeted Palmer will be in four of the last five episodes. Maybe he will share more when production starts again later in the summer.

Pretty Pauley Perrette had some news for Abby fans. You'll be seeing more of the forensic wonder girl in the remaining weeks. She spoke with Zap2it.

"I don't know exactly what the details are, but they basically told me, get your rest, because there's a lot of Abby stuff coming up for May and a lot of Abby-centric things going on," she remarked.

I keep coming back to McGee. In "Moonlighting" Abby was jealous of polygraph administrator Susan Grady. That's how it appeared to me. Is there any hint of an Abby romance?

"There was talk of a trip to Mexico. There's an interesting Latino stranger," Perrette explained.

But McGee isn't Latin.

Oh, that would mean... Well I'm pouting. You too?

Is there a romance in Abby's future?

"Perhaps," Perrette hinted.

The remaining four episodes make the arc ending the season. You'll want to be onboard for all of them. Get your recorders ready. Set your timer if you won't be home Tuesday nights.

The seas may get rough. Hang on everyone. 

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-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist