'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Jack Knife Review
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Jack Knife Review
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"Get Tony and Ziva out of bed."

That's what Gibbs told McGee to do. Did you ask the same question Tim McGee asked? I did.

Of course Leroy Jethro Gibbs meant their separate beds, in separate rooms, in separate apartments. What were we thinking? What do the writers want us to think? Ah that is the question for this part of the season.

Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, will the sparks every fly? So far we have some smoke coming from them. The better to screen what's going on between them, if there is anything going on.

The story starts with a dead former Marine and a Marine NCIS has dealt with before. They were a cross-country truck-driving duo and someone has broken them up permanently.

Damon Werth is back and goes to Gibbs when his buddy is killed. Gibbs is careful around Werth as he went loco on steroids used to make him into a dangerous weapon. Think Rambo and you've got the picture. Werth saved his buddy in the desert and is not about to let his murder go unsolved.

Who's jurisdiction does it fall under, the FBI or NCIS? FBI agent Tobias Fornell teams with Gibbs to discover what this trucking company is transporting.

In the background is McGee feeling indebted to Gibbs for pushing him out of the way of that car. Gibbs re-injured his shoulder. While Gibbs needs help McGee is there to provide it. He's a bit too 'there' actually. He drives his boss home only to get called back to drive him to the crime scene.

McGee is treated to a day in the life of Gibbs. He wonders aloud about Gibbs stamina and his ability to keep going on very little sleep. He tries coffee with a load of sugar to give him a boost. But as Tony and Ziva both discover when on a caffeine buzz, McGee has no verbal 'off switch'.

This episode is about cars. Really cool macho muscle cars with hemi engines. Gibbs has a '71 Dodge Charger and the killer is he has to let Fornell drive it.

"This is a big deal, you letting me drive your car," Fornell says dryly.

"Whatever, you already slept with my wife," Gibbs answers.

Werth has to come up with another partner to drive a big rig. Ziva comes along posing as his 'girlfriend'. They are to take an empty truck to a rendezvous point, then load whatever another truck is carrying. Tony and McGee are following in a black van with cool surveillance equipment and Gibbs and Fornell follow in the Charger.

Gibbs and Fornell bicker like an old married couple. Guess having a wife in common will do that to some guys.

The dynamics of the pairings are interesting. Gibbs saved Werth's life. Dr. 'Ducky' Mallard points out an experience like that can bond two people together.

Werth saved his buddy and feels responsible to him and his family. Gibbs saved McGee from being hit by a car. McGee feels he owes Gibbs for it. Gibbs and Fornell shared a wife, at separate times and they are bound together by...misery?

The bad guy turns out to be a crazed car collector. He killed and killed again to get his hands on a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda with hemi being carried by the second truck. Well wouldn't you just kill to have one? Not literally of course. The villain goes to jail. Sadly the Barracuda wasn't even 'cherry'. It had bondo applied to the skin.

There is a moment between Ziva and Damon that looks friendly. He kisses her cheek and she says she will see him. See him as in 'see him'? Tony doesn't seem to like the sound of that and asks Ziva what was meant.

She just sits behind her desk and smiles.

The plot of "Jack Knife" was a bit transient for NCIS. There have been stronger stories. But, this is a fun episode to watch. The interaction between the characters is interesting. Fornell and Gibbs is always a great pair to watch.

I also wonder if we have seen the last of former Marine Damon Werth. Is Ziva going to 'see him later'? McGee said Werth was like a bear, a very dangerous animal. Ziva does like dangerous men. Maybe Tony is too tame for her.

We shall see.

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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