'NCIS' Fan Columnist: In the Dark
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: In the Dark
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS Fan Columnist talks about what you can do in the Dark. Or rather what can't be done. If you'd like to become a fan contributor, click here.

The folks at NCIS are 'doing it in the dark'. Excuse me?

The opening credits of NCIS have us looking down a road at the capitol dome. It's at the very end of the sequence. Last night we see the capitol as usual when snap the lights go out. It's very quick and sets up the episode "Power Down"

Ironically I started this article hours ago. I had to wait for power to be restored in my part of town. Note to myself, save your work often.

So how do we cope without the modern conveniences of phones, Internet, lights and vending machines? And how the hell did Gibbs still manage to get a cup of coffee when all of D.C. was without power? We, like Gibbs' team, are intelligent, tough and resourceful people. Nah - we'd absolutely be in the dark.

This morning I was without my coffee, TV news and Internet. How did people live like this? Gibbs' team had it worse. Not only were they without the modern technology that makes us comfortable and well-informed people but the things that make their job easier. 

Tony tried to send out a sketch of a suspect. The scanner needed electricity, as did Ziva's phone and McGee's beloved computer. Poor Abby was trying to create her own Caf-Pow in her lab. DiNozzo drown himself in Eau de Cologne to cover his lack of hot water showers.

These were desperate times and desperate times call for old-fashioned solutions. McGee found a mimeograph machine. Tony hadn't seen one since the fourth grade. Renaissance man Gibbs demonstrated how to operate it. McGee couldn't take pictures with the digital camera. The charge had run out. Ziva pointed out they couldn't load the pictures onto a computer anyway.

But Gibbs had the answer courtesy of Polaroid and their instant cameras. I can remember when instant pictures were considered state-of-the-art. I wonder where you can still get film and a flash bar for them? I wonder who uses film anymore?

Tony thought referencing old TV cop dramas would be amusing. But how is it he missed McGee's reference to Doctor Who. Does he not have BBC America or the Sci-Fi channel?   

By using lemons for her battery Abby is able to power her portable CD player and the tunes are back in Abby land. There are just some things you can't do without, like coffee in the morning. I know because I tried.

The entire show was about the high tech world colliding with the low. The dead Navy Lieutenant attempted to stop her kidnaper from accessing a secured server room by swelling the blood vessels in her eye with high blood pressure pills. This would have prevented the iris scanner from working on her and unlocking the door. The damage to the power grid ruined the plan. The door opened anyway.

Gibbs team was delighted when the power returned. So was I this morning. Guess none of us is very happy in the dark.

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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