'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Double Identity Recap
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: Double Identity Recap
Can you kill two men with one shot?

It helps if it's the same guy.

A former Marine has been living two lives. Supposed dead in Afghanistan, former Marine First Lieutenant John Mayne has a wife collecting his pension. He's been missing for six years. 

During that time he has been known as Christopher Wells a wealthy day trader. Christopher is also married. His fortune was money smuggled from Afghanistan. When Mayne/Wells dies the trail leads to a Private Investigator who tried to blackmail him.

This episode of NCIS also dealt with the death of Dr. Ducky Mallard's mother. In spite of that loss I noted a few things that made me smile.

The local cop had a fingerprint ID scanner. You could see the covetous look in Tim McGee's eyes. He had to handle that toy and I'm sure he's going to beg for one ASAP. If it's a new techno-gadget McGee must have it.

How cool was it that Abby was raising a guide dog? I had to laugh when it bit her pigtail. Mortimer! What a great name for a puppy. I would love to know who chose that name and why.

McGee created a remote application on his iPhone to unlock car doors. That's a very handy app to have. Just punch in the VIN number of any car and the doors can be unlocked for you. Better than a slim jim. I love the way Tony DiNozzo can get McGee to do things that aren't legal.

A new lady in Ducky's life is worth a mention. He is seeing Sophie the real estate agent who helped him sell his home and buy a smaller brownstone. She prefers long neckwear and that has caused Ducky to change from his usual bow ties. Oh Ducky you charmer, I hope Sophie's an opera lover.

The issue of losing a loved one was handled very thoughtfully. Ducky who is surrounded by death knew it was a natural progression of life. Life is also about change be it people and places, or a new neckties. Change is inevitable. Change can be good. Sometimes you have to let go.

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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