'NCIS: Los Angeles' Welcomes Special Guest Stars: Their Moms!
'NCIS: Los Angeles' Welcomes Special Guest Stars: Their Moms!
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
NCIS: Los Angeles season 4 continues tomorrow night with an episode called "The Fifth Man." In the video below, we see that some very special guest stars are joining the cast in this episode: their moms. 

"I thought it was a joke."

In the video, Executive Producer Shane Brennan tells the story of when he first got the idea to have the cast's moms on the hit CBS series. It all started at an Academy Awards party that Chris O'Donnell threw for the cast and a few other guests. When Brennan walked in the door and saw O'Donnell's mom standing there, the first thing he asked her is if she'd like to be on a show with her mom. O'Donnell's first reaction upon hearing the news was to think that it was a joke. 

"We've got the perfect script, the perfect episode."

From there, the idea grew as Brennan found Daniela Ruah's mom also at the party and immediately asked her. LL Cool J's mother wasn't at the party, but that didn't stop Brennan from extending the invitation to her as well. Eventually all three moms, plus Eric Christian Olsen's mother were cast in tomorrow night's episode. Brennan decided that "The Perfect Man" was the perfect script and the perfect episode for the moms, who will play patrons at a casino that the team visits while conducting an investigation. 

"We didn't know they had dialogue."

But don't think that the cast's moms will just be sitting there looking pretty. Brennan put the quartet to work, giving them all lines to say on screen. Even their children were surprised that their moms were going to get in on the action. The scene will apparently go as follows: As our NCISLA team passes them by, the ladies sitting in the casino will have something to say about each of them. My favorite is Olsen's mom's line: "What a handsome couple they are." I'm sure that's bound to make all the "Densi" fans squeal with joy. 

"We totally spoiled them."

In a move that is both classy and sweet, the production pulled out all the stops and completely spoiled all the moms while they were on set. Each lady was given her very own trailer to enjoy, all of which were the biggest on the lot, even bigger than the ones their kids (aka the stars of the show) had. 

I know that the moms will only have a few minutes in tomorrow night's episode, but I think it's pretty awesome that the cast got to work with their families for a little while. What do you think of cast's moms having guest starring roles in NCIS: Los Angeles tomorrow night?

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