Exclusive Interview: Laura and Sophie, Contestants on 'Nashville Star'
Exclusive Interview: Laura and Sophie, Contestants on 'Nashville Star'
On Monday's episode of Nashville Star, we were shown a behind the scenes video of the duo Laura and Sophie having an emotional argument during a mentoring session with judge Jeffrey Steele.  Despite the backstage troubles, the two teenage best friends came out and performed Patsy Cline's "Walking After Midnight" while holding hands.  Later in the episode when the other girl group, Pearl Heart, was eliminated, judge Jewel said that she wished it was Laura and Sophie that were the ones leaving instead.

This morning we sat down with both Laura Fedor and Sophie Zalokar to discuss what really went on backstage, how they felt about Jewel's comments, and their plans for future Nashville Star performances.  Read on for a full transcript and audio of their interview.

Hi, this is Jeff from BuddyTV and today I'm talking with Laura and Sophie, two of the contestants on Nashville Star. So it was made out to be a big deal last week that you two were having some arguments backstage. Do you think that was overblown at all?

Sophie: I definitely think it was overblown. We were definitely not happy with each other at the time, it was a big argument. What happened was they ended up taking the two worst moments of the argument and using them.

And Laura, how did you feel?

Laura: Sophie and I were definitely having difficult problems, but we both matured up and got through it. We realized that it was really ridiculous what we were arguing about and how were taking it, instead of just being civil about it and just having a conversation.

The judges made some harsh comments last week, especially Jewel. How did you deal with that after the show?

Laura: When Jewel made those comments after Pearl Heart performed, I thought she was being very disrespectful and very distasteful. I do hold that against her, because it was very offensive for her to be saying that on national TV.

Are you going to take that to your performance this upcoming Monday, or are you just going to try and let it go when you perform?

Sophie: Well, our song is “Picture to Burn.” We put a lot of anger into that song, so I think a lot of that might come from the judges last week.

I talked with Jeffrey Steele earlier this week and he mentioned that he was really going to be cracking the whip this week with you two and Shawn. Does it feel like he's been much tougher in the mentoring sessions, or has it been about the same as it was before?

Laura: He's definitely been tougher. He's been giving us a lot of good advice about what songs to do and why out of our choices that we made. He's been really helpful and this week I definitely think we made a good decision with him and I'm really excited.

Now that it's down to six contestants, is it feeling tense backstage between the six of you? Or do all of you still feel like you're getting along?

Sophie: We're all still getting along perfectly, there's not been any tension between contestants. It's been fine.

I just talked with both Gabe and Melissa, they mentioned that there's the original song night coming up.  Do you two feel prepared for that? Are you as much of a songwriter as maybe Shawn or Ashlee, or are you just mostly performers?

Laura: The song writing is going to be difficult because we definitely don't have as much experience as the other performers do in that. But we are like amazing guitar players, so we're going to have to work through that and see what we can do. But I think we're going to do fine.

I think you will too, you guys have been really good so far. I agree that the judges were a little too harsh on you, by the way. I look forward to seeing you guys on Monday, and good luck.

Laura and Sophie: Thank you.

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