Should Deacon Give Daphne a Break on 'Nashville'?
Should Deacon Give Daphne a Break on 'Nashville'?
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Daphne's reaction to Deacon's new relationship with Jessie is less than ideal, but it's not surprising given the circumstances. She's still grieving the loss of her mother, which is hard enough, and Deacon's new relationship is putting her in a rough position because she's being made out to be the bad guy by not liking Jessie or wanting Deacon to pursue this relationship. But should Deacon be making the effort to understand what Daphne is having a problem with?

Why's Daphne Acting Out?

Not much attention is being paid to Daphne, especially when it comes to her depression and how she's dealing with continuing on without her mom. Maddie hasn't really had much of a hard time since Rayna's passing, but it hit Daphne hard and she has yet to come back from it, not that Deacon would notice. It's understandable why Daphne is acting out right now around Jessie; she's still mourning her mother's passing and everything she missed out on, and her depression is making it even harder to work through her feelings.

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With Jessie, Daphne is being "rude as hell" because Deacon is already moving on with his life, and things with Jessie are going fast and becoming serious, and Daphne's not ready for that. Maddie might be, but Daphne isn't, and Deacon is completely ignoring how Daphne feels about all of this because she's a teenager and he's too wrapped up in his new relationship to care about what anyone else thinks of it.

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Deacon's Failing Parenting

Deacon is really failing Daphne with everything that's going on. He needs to give her a break and attempt to understand what's going on in her mind, especially with her mental illness, and if he can't give her a break, then he needs to step up as a father and actually take care of Daphne and take the time to learn what's going on. This behavior is completely unlike Daphne, yet Deacon completely writes it off as "being a teenager" when it's clear Daphne is aching for a bit of sympathy and understanding.

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Daphne's not even in high school yet and rage is the only way she know how to deal with things. Deacon needs to realize that Rayna is the reason for much of Daphne's rage and sadness, and is the reason why she's so against him being with Jessie (whether she has any right to be or not, she is.) As a father, Deacon's first concern should be his children and he's not doing that. If Rayna were watching, she'd be really disappointed in Deacon and how he's treating Daphne right now.

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