'Nashville' Recap: Troubled Relationships Abound
'Nashville' Recap: Troubled Relationships Abound
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On Nashville, Rayna continued to deal with the aftermath of troubles with the two loves of her life, Teddy and Deacon. The first wanted a divorce, the other wanted her. It would seem like perfect timing, but in "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" it definitely wasn't. While Rayna had personal issues to contend with, Juliette's issues were professional. It's probably a good thing the tour was headed on a hiatus.

Rayna Stumbles

She's a tough woman, but even the best would stumble in her circumstances. She's on a huge area tour, her marriage collapsed, and Deacon kissed her. After all the talk about wanting to work things out with Rayna, once Teddy decided he wanted a divorce it was a done deal. He wanted to make it happen and fast.

Right before Rayna got on stage was not the best time to find out that her husband wanted to break their daughters hearts the next day and without a conversation about it. Rayna got on stage and froze. She missed her mark more than once for seemingly the first time ever.

While the audience may not have noticed, those close to her and even Juliette recognized that something was wrong. Her professional experience kicked in though and Rayna continued on like nothing happened.

Rayna's Not Ready for Deacon

After Rayna's misstep on stage, Deacon approached her to find out what was wrong, but she wasn't ready to deal with their relationship. She told him that, but suggested they would talk later.

Deacon would have been a good shoulder for Rayna to cry on, but they have so much baggage that it could have been a bad start for a future together. They have a history and a love for each other that runs deep, even stronger than Rayna ever had for her husband.

But, She's Ready for Liam

Rayna pushed Deacon away, but Liam was a different story. When they were working together and on tour, they had a spark and Liam took advantage of Rayna's situation. They went out had drinks, danced, and then headed back to the hotel.

Unlike Deacon, Rayna doesn't have a complicated relationship with Liam, so he was a good person to lean on. While he wanted to take things further, when Rayna cracked in the bathroom, he was there for her.

He shared the story of his parents split and how it was the best thing for their family. He supported her in the right way. Phew ... that's all I have to say about the fact they didn't sleep together. 

Troubles Continue

Rayna's situation continued to get more complicated. Deacon misinterpreted what happened between Rayna and Liam. I hope that doesn't get further blown up. With her divorce from Teddy, there is plenty of garbage to get through and Liam doesn't need to add to that.

After getting home to her family and a cake, Rayna and Teddy told their daughters about their plan to divorce. If that wasn't enough, her daughter revealed that Teddy had an affair with Peggy. Wow. This is going to get messy, isn't it?!?

Juliette Explodes

Juliette should be in control of her own career, but blowing up at people isn't going to help. After Glenn went behind her back to the crew, Juliette was furious and threatened both the crew and her manager.

Glenn then quit on the spot. He definitely didn't handle the situation appropriately, but neither did Juliette. It's not a good idea to revamp a successful tour in the middle, but at the same time why couldn't Glenn have supported Juliette. A few words of support would have diffused the situation.

Good for Deacon to not give in to Juliette. When he said he would quit too if she ever treated him the way she treated Glenn should be a lesson for her. She is young and still learning, but needs to appropriate, non-dismissive guidance.

Gunnar and Scarlett's Rise

These talented songwriters found out that Rayna wanted to sign them to her label and were appropriately excited. It was unfortunate that their celebration was cut short by the arrival of Gunnar's brother, Jason.

After initially telling Gunnar that Jason was not welcome in her home, she relented and said he could stay for one night. Gunnar was appreciative, but also seemed to be concerned that Jason was violating his parole.

After preparing Gunnar's favorite breakfast and playing music with the duet, Jason bought himself a few more days with Scarlett's blessing. It's going to be a big mistake, as Jason still has the gun in his bag.

Avery Scores Despite Musical Setbacks

He hasn't been happy with his record deal, the label's interference in his musical choices, or his lack of money. Of course, Marilyn reminded him that she tried to talk him out of it in the first place, but he didn't listen.

Hailey approached Avery about purchasing his song library. Marilyn thought it was a bad idea that could cost him millions, but Avery isn't one to listen to anyone. When Marilyn moved on with a new young artist, Avery signed with Hailey and received $100,000.

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