'Nashville' Recap: It's Time to Move On
'Nashville' Recap: It's Time to Move On
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Nashville's "You're Gonna Change (Or, I'm Gonna Leave)" was a transitional episode for most of the characters. In each of the main storylines, the character made a decision that will propel them forward in their career, personal life or both.

Rayna's Shaking Up Her Sound

The Queen of Country decided to smash the box and come up with a new sound. With the help of a new rock producer, Rayna created some awesome and hip music. Definitely not a "mom and SUV" song. 

Her record label may not be thrilled with her choice of producer, but ultimately they are in the business of making money and her new song is a winner. They will certainly recognize the gold mine Rayna's new direction will provide and get on board. Or, as Rayna said, she'll just go somewhere else.

Juliette Cleans Up Her Act

A relationship which started out as a publicity stunt has turned into something more. Sean Butler may be a football player, but he is much more. He stood up to Juliette and didn't put up with her crap. While he was willing to go out dancing with her, he remained true to himself.

Juliette also showed her integrity by purchasing the photos of Sean to protect him. She often hides it, but she has a big heart and does care about people. She didn't want him to suffer because of their outing. I gained some respect for her over her handling of the situation.

When Sean showed up at her house to ask her to "stay in" with him sometime, I grinned a little. Juliette needs someone who is solid and genuine. Sean appears to be both. While they may not be perfect for each other, he can show her another way to live life in the public eye.

Avery Makes a Bad Decision

Avery's quest for success finally got the better of him when he took Marilyn Rhodes up on her offer to come over to discuss his future. Avery knew what that meant and he went anyway. He was willing to give up Scarlett for his career.

I have to give him a little bit of credit though for not following through with Marilyn. She looked to be a  woman that would be difficult to turn down. She was offering him a gold ring and when it came down to it, he didn't take it. Well, at least initially.

When Scarlett called him out for going to see Marilyn, he tried to save their relationship by telling the truth, but it was too late. If this was the first sign of trouble between them, perhaps it would have played out differently. But, a break up has been a long time coming.

If Avery truly loved Scarlett and wanted to save their relationship, he wouldn't have gone back to Marilyn's place. He would have fought to keep Scarlett. I'm sure this isn't the end of Scarlett and Avery, even though it should be. She deserves someone who is supportive of her career.

Elections Mean Trouble

Lamar proved once again how manipulative he can be and what a wuss Teddy is. Lamar will do anything to get Teddy elected so he can have a puppet in office. And, Teddy is the perfect patsy. He may claim that he wants to run a clean campaign and not do anything to hurt Coleman, but he didn't reject Lamar's plan. He is a weak man with a powerful man controlling him.

It was unfortunate that Coleman had Jolene's drugs in his glove box. He handled it honestly and honorably. It's too bad that the electorate can't see that. Will Coleman use the photos of Teddy and Peggy to help win the election?

Knowing what Lamar and Teddy have done, I want him to use them, but I'm not sure that he will. It would go against his moral code to do that and it would hurt Rayna. At the same time, I could see him giving her the photos.

This election is my least favorite storyline of the show. I'll be happy when it is over, though Nashville politics aren't going to go away. 

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