'Nashville' Poll: Should Scarlett and Gunnar Be a Couple Again?
'Nashville' Poll: Should Scarlett and Gunnar Be a Couple Again?
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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The season finale of ABC's Nashville was overflowing with proposals and romantic gestures. One of the most moving moments happened when Scarlett went to the Bluebird Cafe to say goodbye to Gunnar before she headed back to Mississippi. Scarlett decided that she needed a fresh start and is going back to school. She wanted to thank Gunnar for the song that he wrote for her. Gunnar asked if he can sing it for her, and they sang together as tears streamed down Scarlett's face. It was such a magical moment.

Gunnar told his ex-girlfriend that she shouldn't leave Nashville. I am a die-hard romantic, and I do want Gunnar and Scarlett to end up together - just not yet. Let's consider the reasons why reuniting with Gunnar now could be a one way trip to Heartbreak City.

Gunnar Lets Her Down

Gunnar has let Scarlett down many times. Scarlett wasn't thrilled when Gunnar's ex-con brother, Jason, moved in with them. After his brother's death, Gunnar missed an audition with Scarlett for Edgehill records, and Scarlett signed as a solo artist.

While missing the audition may be forgivable because of the circumstances, when Gunnar embraced his dead brother's bad boy persona, and even used songs written by his brother, Scarlett was shocked. Bad boy Gunnar even told a radio station that he was single, and started recording his brother's music as his own. When Gunnar missed Scarlett's Grand Ole Opry debut because he was in jail after a bar fight, Scarlett bailed him out and told him it was over. She loved the real Gunnar, not his brother.

Scarlett is Fragile

After her breakdown on stage, which was fueled by her drug and alcohol use, Scarlett was in delicate condition, to say the least. She finally admitted to  Rayna that she didn't want to be on the road, and Scarlett was released from her record contract with Highway 65.

Knowing that she no longer wanted to pursue music, she tried to waitress again at the Bluebird Cafe, but was mortified when people asked her about her public melt-down. She finally decided to return to school in Mississippi. Scarlett is at a stage where she needs to figure out what she wants and needs for herself. Returning to a comfortable romantic relationship with Gunnar will stop that personal growth.

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Gunnar is Fickle

Yes, Scarlett refused Gunnar's marriage proposal in season one, and Gunnar eventually moved on. Unfortunately for Scarlett, he moved on secretly with her best friend, Zoey. When Scarlett found out, she lost two of the most important people in her life.

Gunnar even bought a house with his song-writing royalties, and seemed to want Zoey to move in with him. Zoey, who is a back-up singer on Juliette Barnes' tour, seemed reluctant to make a firm commitment. Zoey hadn't even left town yet, and Gunnar was begging Scarlett to stay. This boy needs to make up his mind, and quick!

They Make Better Business Partners

One thing that is undeniable is that Scarlett and Gunnar made beautiful music together as song-writers. That has never changed. I think that they would thrive as friends and song-writing partners again. After all there is nothing wrong with taking things slow, right?

I really hope that Gunnar and Scarlett find their romantic footing by the end of Nashville season 3. But for now, I want Scarlett to take care of herself and take the time to figure out what she wants out of life, instead of jumping right back into Gunnar's arms.

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