'Nashville' Music Videos: Juliette's 'Nothing In This World' & Avery and Scarlett's 'Moon is High'
'Nashville' Music Videos: Juliette's 'Nothing In This World' & Avery and Scarlett's 'Moon is High'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
While the Nashville season finale was filled with tragedy and heartbreak, the episode offered up a couple gorgeous songs to fit the tone. ABC has released the full performances for Avery and Scarlett's duet "Moon in High" and the heartwrenching song from Juliette that accompanied the closing montage, "Nothing In This World."

After breaking up with Gunnar, Scarlett started spending more time with her ex-boyfriend, Avery. He returned to Nashville a changed man. Avery was no longer obsessed with making it big or jealous of Scarlett. He was proud of her and supported her success.

When she showed up to hear him sing, he asked her to sing with him. The outcome was a beautiful duet, "Moon is High." 

Check it out below.

Did the Avery-Scarlett duet compare to those with Gunnar? While I love the performance, it doesn't have quite the same magic as the Gunnar-Scarlett duets.

The biggest and saddest song of the Nashville finale was "Nothing In This World." Juliette sang it as a tribute and goodbye to her mother. In the episode, it was used to accompany a heartbreaking confrontation, a betrayal of self, a proposal, and a car crash.

It's a get-the-tissues-out song that's beautifully sung by Hayden Panettiere as Juliette.

Check it out.

Nashville season 2 return this fall and air Wednesdays at 10 pm ET on ABC.

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(Image and video courtesy of ABC.)