Tali Wins 'More to Love'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
No surprise there.

More to Love bachelor picked 26-year-old New York native Tali, proposed to her, and she said yes. Again, no surprise there. She definitely appeared smarter and deeper than Malissa, for one, and she looked like she joined More to Love to find love (whatever that means), and not just to win, which is the impression Malissa kind of gave. Sure there was that Jewish factor, but that shouldn't really ruin a good match.

On last night's two-hour finale, Tali and Luke had a rather cute date, even if I do say so myself: the park, cute dog, simple jeans, picnic. Despite being nervous about the whole religion thing, Tali hit it off with Luke's dad and grandma. After dinner, Luke's uber religious father talked Israel and Christianity, but ended up telling her that it's more important to have faith, which was the whole point of the thing.

As for Malissa, it was not so bad, too: pool hall, some flirting, pizza and beer. Luke raised the do-you-want-love-or-do-you-just-want-to-win question, but the dad didn't get it and insisted that it should be a pretty easy decision to make because Malissa should win hands down. But I guess he only said that because he's a guy.

As for his mother, Malissa pushed the kiss-up limit to the hilt, complimenting Luke with his heart, etc. During one instance, when Tali told Faith that she was a model from Israel, Malissa got up to check on the biscuit quite rudely. Much later, she revealed that she joined More to Love on a whim. That kind of spelled doom for her, in my book.

In the final part, Luke did the expected: ditch Malissa, get down on one knee, and propose, and I started wondering how they'll call the female More to Love.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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