Moonlight: Episode 14 "Click" Recap
Moonlight: Episode 14 "Click" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Moonlight: Mick was temporarily human, but then had Josef turn him back into a vampire to save Beth. Beth's boss at BuzzWire died and Ben Talbot replaced her dead boyfriend as the new ADA.

Mick (Alex O'Loughlin) is taken for a ride by some sexy young thing with a need for speed as she outmaneuvers some SUVs. Meanwhile, Ben takes Beth (Sophia Myles) to lunch since he's still trying to understand how Mick and Josef saved them in the last episode. Mick's fast car arrives at the restaurant, and we learn the woman is Tierney, some hot young celebrity being stalked by the paparazzi.

At the restaurant, Tierney and Mick exposit that she's being chased and wants to know who is leaking her whereabouts to the paparazzi. The instant suspects are her musician boyfriend Scott and sleazy Jason who is producing Tierney's latest movie about the Lusitania. Beth comes up questioning why Mick hasn't called her so they can start dating and he promises to start.

Mick visits Josef (Jason Dohring), who was following Mick's action on some gossip blog that calls Mick a “hottie.” Josef suggests putting it on his Facebook page, and Mick hilariously confirms that he does have a Facebook page. Josef, full of fond memories of Jean Harlow, encourages Mick to go for it with the actress.

The new boss at BuzzWire, Grant Lewis, encourages his reporters to publish first and ask questions later. You might recognize the actor who plays Grant as one of George's brothers from Grey's Anatomy. He instructs Beth to get the scoop on the curse of Tierney's Lusitania movie from her pal Mick.

At a Hollywood party, Mick has fond memories of his seaworthy past when he was probably the basis for the Gene Hackman character in The Poseidon Adventure. Beth is there, listening to the boring producer Jason, trying to get details on who might be stalking Tierney. Beth meets up with Mick and they almost kiss until they get interrupted by Tierney and her boyfriend having a fight. She says she's fine, but later Mick hears something with his super sonic vampire ears and finds Tierney, dead in the water.

Somehow, even though the cops are there, Mick and Beth sneak into Tierney's room on the ship and he smells blood on an anchor. Ben arrives and tells them to clear the scene on account of this being a crime scene. Mick clues him in to the anchor as the murder weapon.

At BuzzWire, Grant is excited Beth was on the scene, and he's even more excited to hear it could be murder. He has some close-up shots of dead Tierney from paparazzo Dean Foster. At the morgue, Guillermo shows Mick that the anchor was the murder weapon, though Mick seems more shocked that Ben actually listened to him.

Beth and Mick meet up, then go their own ways to investigate suspects: Mick has the boyfriend, Beth has the producer. Mick runs into some pesky paparazzi kids who also happen to be vampires. One of the little tykes adorably lights up a stogie. All Beth learns from Jason is that Cameron Diaz would play her in a movie. Mick learns from the boyfriend that Tierney was being blackmailed by Dean Foster with some photos.

That night, Beth and Mick reunite, only to have some maniac in a car run down Mick. Too bad for him, Dean Foster is lurking in the shadows, photographing the whole incident, including Mick getting up and walking away totally fine after being hit by a car at high speed. What better way to recuperate than a cozy evening at home? Beth and Mick both think the car was after the other one. They share notes and it devolves into an analysis of why emo and Dashboard Confessional suck. Bits of dialogue like that exchange are slowly but surely making me kind of like Moonlight.

It's Logan time! He discovers that Tierney spent $1,000 a month on cat grooming, but even more suspicious is some possible embezzlement from Tierney's business manager, Ryan Gold. Great, a fourth suspect. Mick heads right over and learns that the embezzlement was so Gold could fund Tierney's deadbeat mom, but it went through him to keep her out of the limelight. Gold paints the target on movie producer Jason who was trying to shut down the movie (which Tierney was sinking her own money into).

Beth swaps info with Ben, who seems confidant that Dean is their man, which means he obviously isn't. Mick calls Beth to tell her about Jason, but she gets an e-mail from Dean with the photos of Mick. Dean calls and blackmails Beth into giving him exclusive inside info on where to get the hot photos, or he'll keep digging into how Mick walked away from being hit by a car.

Some Logan research reveals Jason was broke and needed the movie to die so he could collect the insurance, giving him a prime motive. Mick and Beth go to investigate, and Jason acts squirrelly before making a run for it. Mick chases after him, having an easier time that last week thanks to being a vampire. Jason defends himself by saying the investors would kill him unless he could get the movie derailed, and nothing, not even tipping the paparazzi to her whereabouts, got her to drop out.

Ben arrives, and while slightly perturbed, he's surprisingly accepting of the fact that Mick got the bad guy. Beth asks Mick what happens if a vampire is about to be exposed, and he says they move away, leaving Beth with no alternative but to…turn to Josef for help! She wants him to handle it, knowing full well what that means. Josef promises to keep this a secret from Mick, though he does warn that as long as Beth is a reporter, she'll always be a danger to Mick's secrecy.

So at dinner, Beth confesses to Mick that she quit her job, claiming it's because she's sick of feeding off celebrity's flaws. They're not the only ones enjoying dinner, as Josef got the paparazzi vampire kids to kill Dean. Too bad for everyone it seems as though Dean sent his photos to ADA Ben Talbot before getting eaten. Wow, there were a lot of twists in those final minutes.

Next week on Moonlight: Mick and Beth continue to date, Ben offers Beth a job, and Mick has a kid.

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