'Mistresses' Season 2 Premiere Recap: Savi and Karen Recover, Joss and April Try New Things
'Mistresses' Season 2 Premiere Recap: Savi and Karen Recover, Joss and April Try New Things
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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Mistresses is back for its sophomore season and already it looks like it's gonna be a hot one, my friends. Is there enough iced tea in the world to cool off these bodacious beauties down? I doubt it. 

When we last saw sweetly sexy Savi Davis (Alyssa Milano), her billowy sister Joss Carver (Jes Macallan), sultry Karen Kim (Yunjin Kim) and the exquisite April Malloy (Rochelle Aytes), we received so many shocks to the system that it's no surprise the entire landscape of the weekly hot drama has been turned on its side. Pregnant Savi almost lost her life in an accident. Joss quit her job and embarked upon a new career, Karen was nearly killed by her psycho ex-lover's wife and April had dumped Richard for the dream of non-dead ex-husband Paul.

Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave When Once We Practice to Deceive

Other shockers from the freshman season were lawyer and co-worker Dominic Taylor's (Jason George) paternity of the bambino in Savi's belly and the slaying of Thomas and Elizabeth "Psyco Bitch from Hell" Grey's son Sam during the tussle with the gun PBFH was brandishing at Karen ... not to mention Liz's revelation that Thomas' last thoughts had been about Karen after all. Snap!

Oh, and did we mention that both Dom and Savi's husband, Harry Davis (Brett Tucker), visited Savi in the hospital and professed their love for her?

Savi Struggles with the "Down" Part of Downtime

Alright, boys and girls, it's eight months later and game-on time for our mistresses in "Rebuild," Mistresses' season 2 premiere. Savi is out of the hospital and finished with physical therapy and she seems well rested and grateful and all her friends are thrilled to see her. 

Already, she's placing booty calls to Dominic, who's thrilled to see her when she shows up at his apartment ... but elsewhere Harry is buying flowers for some "lady" whom we later learn is hottie Kyra. This should be interesting.

Savi and Dom have some sweet, though not too sexy, pillow talk in the morning. Dom wants her back at the office and he wants them both to come out of the closet, but Savi demurs -- she's not sure yet what the new post-op Savi wants to do with her life, so she begs more time to smell the roses and figure out who she is. 

Harry is putting the house up for sale when Savi drops by to find him talking with his attractive realtor. Savi's embarrassed, but then relieved when she learns the woman is not Harry's date. After the realtor exits, in walks a busty and beautiful Kyra (guest star Ashley Newbrough) in a low-cut teal dress and a pair of pattern leather pick-me-up pumps who's there to go out to dinner with Harry. As Harry and Kyra embrace, Savi's left picking her jaw up off the ground. I smell trouble in non-paradise.

Savi goes to salon and gets a call from Dom, who cancels their lunch date. Savi makes a split-second decision to do something completely new with her hair -- and arrives at the art show to meet her BFFs in a sassy 'do that barely reaches her shoulders.

By the end of "Rebuild," Savi visits Dom at the office to announce her part-time return to work only to have Dom introduce her to his new associate, the person who's been soaking up all his time. It turns out Toni is a firecracker of sex appeal in a tight low-cut carrot-colored dress. She and Savi and are to share an office. What? More trouble, as the previews tease this Toni (Rebeka Montoya) is after Dominic and intends to get him for herself.

Karen Moves Forward ... Or Does She?

Karen visits the grave site of her ex-lover Thomas' son and professes to be more of a "crying on the inside" gal when celebrating Savi's medical recoveries. Receiving a mid Champagne toast to go to "work," she leaves early for an appointment with her own therapist. Do her friends know she's not back practicing yet? She sounds pretty confident as she talks with the shrink, but she knows how the game is played and one has to wonder if she's playing him. She tells him the PTSD symptoms have subsided -- but then she says she's no longer visiting the boy's grave ... liar, liar, pants on fire, you are going straight to hell, young lady. 

Kim is at the ER evaluating patients for release from care when she suspects a woman with a sprained wrist is being abused by her absent boyfriend, whom she says has a penchant for rough sex including the asphyxiation kind. Karen's also being courted by an absolutely gorgeous piece of man-child with dimples and enough swagger to knock anyone off their feet, but she puts him off, though he looks like he could be a lot of fun. 

Karen later speaks Korean to the patient she suspected was being abused. She gently probes further and the woman admits to having inflicted her own injuries -- the ligature marks around her neck and the sprained wrist. One can only assume it was an unsuccessful hanging attempt. As a result, Karen ends up returning to her therapy practice and offers to be the young woman's therapist.

April Gets Her Mojo Back

April has the store and things seem to be going well, but apparently cupid has lost her address ... as has the god of creativity, whomever that might be. April is afraid she's lost her creative mojo because she can't imagine a plain white desk as something fit for Versailles or at least the Shabby Chic section of Target, so she agrees to go to an art show that evening. Her daughter Lucy is in a fancy school and seems to be acclimating well. Fortunately, Mickey (guest star Joseph May) shows up and pulls her out of her shell and she meets a beautiful artist man at the art show.

April is dragged onto the dance floor by Mickey to make the other guy jealous and she does a little scarf dance with him as the tall glass of chocolate milk watches from afar. He is absolutely delish!

April eyes a beautiful man at the art show, but he gets sidetracked by a pardon on his way to chat her up.

April goes over to the artist's house the next day and they decide it would be nice to get to know what each other's underwear looks like in the dark. Fade to black. 

Having found her sexual mojo, April's creativity is awakened and she sands down a desk to redesign it. 

Mistresses Premier.jpg
Joss Wants to Be More Than She Is

Joss flounders with her new party planning business and searches for how to be more than she is. As Joss recovers from her fifth engagement as a party planner, it sounds like things are going well until she loses a bid for a party for Punky Brewster (guest star Soleil Moon Frye) after buying herself some early congratulatory gifts that slather her torso and feet in black leather. We all want to rip that jacket off her and take it home.

Punky said she didn't hire Joss because she's too wet behind the ears. Harry offers to be the caterer for Joss' business, but she rejects his offer at first because it would be weird politically. After chatting with Savi, who only wants Harry (who closed his restaurant while we were on hiatus) to be happy, she calls Harry and agrees to work with him.

So what will happen next with these gals? You'll have to tune in next week to find out!

Mistresses airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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