'Mistresses' Recap: The Ladies and Their 'New' Beginnings
'Mistresses' Recap: The Ladies and Their 'New' Beginnings
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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"When One Door Closes..." another one does open for everyone on Mistresses. There's a moment of "Woe is me" when April, Savi and Karen gather for a drinking game of "Whose life sucks more?" (Savi takes shots of water.) But yes, even though their lives suck, the pieces are in place for them to pick themselves right back up.

Together Again

All April has wanted throughout the series is to finally move on from her husband's death. But just as she's ready to do just that, there he is, back from the (un)dead. And with her daughter missing, it just brings April and Paul closer together. April rightfully believes that what's-her-face-gold-digger might have kidnapped Lucy -- but it turns out she just boarded a bus to go to a concert at the pier for someone from the Disney Channel.

First, she cuts class to go to a Selena Gomez autograph signing, and now this?! She clearly has some issues, so April and Paul decide -- sort of together? -- that Lucy must go see a therapist, the one she saw when her father died. The poor girl might need therapy for the rest of her life at this rate.

Paul refuses to leave, says he wants to pay for his mistakes -- even if that means going to jail -- and that somehow ends up with the two of them kissing. So not feeling the two of them together when there's nice Richard. Nice Richard wouldn't ever fake his own death to go start another freaking life with a woman and their child.

In a sense, April's not exactly starting over but just going back to what she had, which is probably easier to do since she had held on all this time to their love. 

Forced to Start Over

And just like that, Karen is off the hook. The judge tosses the case, saying everything is circumstantial evidence. Karen, it seems, is miraculously off the hook and ready to move forward. Except not. The state board comes to visit with her and suspends her license for six months after considering just taking away her license altogether.

Karen is astonished and convinced that it was Elizabeth, but she maintains her innocence. And she must be telling the truth because she's drunk when she says so.

So who turned Karen in? The last person she ever thought could turn her in -- her partner, Jacob. Not only is he solely responsible for Karen getting her license suspended, but he doesn't want her back at all after that. So basically, she's fired. And it's difficult to imagine anyone else even wanting to hire her, so who even knows where she'll go from here? 

Will They or Won't They?

Savi takes Dom out for a fancy dinner after he gets managing partner at the firm. Even though he got it over her, she's genuinely happy for him. It's the best date in the world, but they're laughing. By the end of the date, though, she stops him during the kiss. There's still a part of her that can't fully allow herself to start anew.

Then she hears that Harry's business is about to tank and can she actually allow that to happen? It's not just Harry's job, it's his life, one that he started because of/in honor of her. At first, it appears as if she might sell her wedding ring to come up with the money that's needed for the restaurant. But she just writes a check -- and then takes the ring off. Even though she pushed Dom away earlier, taking off the ring symbolizes for her another step forward in her new beginning. And it's not like Dom's going to go away anytime soon. He said so himself, he'll wait.

Choosing to Start Over

Joss is put through the most in this episode. She finds out Olivier is leaving for Paris, and she's angry that he started a fling knowing that in two days he was to leave. She calls him a douche because she gave up what she had with Alex for him, but he just calls her selfish because she made the decision to sleep with him, what did it matter whether he was leaving or not?

Without a woman, and now without a man, it looks like she's going to get back into her old ways, showing up at Harry's restaurant and taking tequila shots with the stranger she just meets. Except things get a little out of control when they're making out in the bathroom and he tries to force himself on her.

Thankfully, Harry saves her just in time. The next morning, she awakens in her bed and with the trash can conveniently beside her -- and Harry's there, too, because he's a nice guy and wouldn't leave her side! Anyone else think that Joss and Harry might end up together? They're spending an awful lot of time together. I believe Joss never would think of it, though, until, say, Harry proposes the idea. It's not so far-fetched.

Anyway, it's like the break-up combined with almost getting taken advantage of awakens something inside her. Joss quits her job -- even after getting promoted by Olivier right before he left -- saying she doesn't want to keep getting better at a job that she hates. At first, the decision seems irrational, but upon second thought, it's rather fearless.

What the heck is she going to do now, though? I think she should get into Harry's restaurant business. Not sure what exactly for, but she's got lots of people skills she could put to use.

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