'Mistresses' Recap: Joss and Harry Get Offers They Can't Refuse
'Mistresses' Recap: Joss and Harry Get Offers They Can't Refuse
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
What the hell happened in this week's Mistresses installment, people? Almost nothing. Almost. Joss' new job opportunity storyline was the most interesting. Hands down.

The title, "An Affair to Surrender," showed great promise, but almost every storyline fell way short of my expectations. We got none of the hot hook-ups Mistresses is known for, no fabulous clothes to speak of (not even some of Scotts designer pumps) and ... did anyone even get a steamy and memorable closed-mouth kiss? *Yawn* Even the positive advancements -- Savi deciding to keep her house and Harry eschewing the land of the Vegemite sandwich to be a chef stateside again -- lacked the sultry or whiz-bang excitement we're used to with Mistresses.

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Last Week's Episode Rocked

Period. It just did. Last week's "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" rocked, and here's why. After having a steamy night of romance with Jacob, Karen learned that the young girlfriend he broke it off with was Anna, Karen's suicidal call girl patient Anna. After Daniel admitted that he has a wife, April fell apart then crawled back into his arms and his bed. After being on the brink of trying to have a baby together, Dom broke it off with Savi when learning about Zack, who obviously had designs on Savi. Oh, and Joss and Scott skirmished and then decided to move in together. It was a busy week. A good week. An exciting week.

Who Surrendered What? April and ... Maybe Karen?

So, there was supposed to be an affair surrendered in this week's episode, right? Hence the title. Okay, there's two, but they're not all that dramatic. Or is that just me? Maybe the summer sun is melting my brain. 

April goes back to Daniel's bed for seconds, but then has an epiphany while giving Lucy a lecture on self-respect. Lucy's classmates are spreading news about Peyton's dad cheating on her mom. Remember the open marriage between those two? Yeah, we agree with you, Lucy, why would anyone do that? Gross! April makes the poignant observation that some people don't think they deserve better so they don't demand more of the people they are with. Value yourself, April tells Lucy, and others will value you as well. Wise words, mama bear. Fortunately, April sees herself more clearly and breaks it off with Daniel. Say goodbye to sext smoldering, ladies. *Sniff*

What about Karen? Stay tuned...

Karen Flounders

The second affair kinda surrendered is that of Karen and Jacob. What? Oh man, we were just getting started with these two; the ink was still wet on the prenup or whatever. Having learned that her patient Anna was the one whose heart Jacob broke in order to be with her, Karen freaks when Anna misses an appointment. Anna doesn't know Jacob and Karen are sleeping together, remember? So this is a conflict of interest for Karen and Jacob and their romance hits a road bump. Anna is nowhere to be found. Karen begs Jacob to call Anna, which he does, and then Anna finally appears at Karen's apartment. The problem is that now Anna thinks Jacob wants to get back together and thanks Karen for helping her heal. Snap.

So ... predictable as ever, by the end of the whole deal, Anna sees Jacob kissing Karen and freaks. Of course, at this point, we can expect a lot of angst on Karen's part as she fears Anna killing herself. It would have been more interesting if Anna never saw them together, but later reported getting back together with Jacob (maybe he couldn't resist a final boink?) who decides not to be forthcoming with Karen. Then we have Karen struggling with trusting Jacob. Or maybe Anna could have seen them without them knowing. Then she could have played Karen by confessing to be back with Jacob (a total lie) just to mess Karen and Jacob up. It looks like we need another psychotic killer in the storyline, folks.

There's No Place Like Savi's Home

The best part of Savi's storyline right now is that she's decided to keep her house. The quad gets together to help pack and to reminisce about all the good times they all had as well as all the tough times that made them even stronger. Since Savi and Joss' mama was an unreliable nomad, that house is the only place that really ever felt like home for Savi. It's a decent scene made even better by her final decision to stay. 

Mistresses Make a Toast.jpg
On the Dom front, absolutely nothing is happening. This is fine with me as that storyline was rather lackluster at this point. It is a shame that we didn't see the fine face of Mr. Zack in this episode. I hope he isn't gone for good because as a plotline, he was interesting. His character was sincere and good for Savi. Even if they never hook up, he makes a fantastic friend. Do you hear that, Mistresses fairies? I'd like to see more of that good guy.

Joss Talks Harry into Staying; Scott Notices Joss Helps Harry ... A lot

The best part about this week's "An Affair to Surrender" is the Scott-Joss-Harry arc. Harry doesn't have much screen time, but that's okay since we'll be seeing more of him in the future. You may now applaud this advancement. I know I am doing it right now.

Scott reveals he's 10% owner of Wunderbar, a swanky new restaurant being opened by swimsuit model Greta Jager, who is looking for an event planner. Hmm. How convenient, no? Isn't it amazing how great jobs like this just fall into Joss' lap? I don't care if it is unrealistic. I love everything about Joss. It turns out the chef Greta has hired is her old pal Dieter Krause, whose cooking is atrocious, but Greta doesn't know this. 

Scott refuses to tell Greta and recommends Joss keeps her mouth shut. Of course, Joss can never leave well enough alone and steals some food from one of Harry's catering jobs and presents it to Greta, who loves it and then offers Harry a job. Yay!

So then Scott wants to know why Joss helps Harry so much. What's the deal? He's like a brother, she says. But then she makes a weird face while Scott is hugging her and we wonder if there might be some funky ideas about Harry's hotness seeping into Joss' brain. Of course, when Harry tells Joss about accepting the job from Greta, there's a moment when it looks like a kiss could be in the works, but nothing happens. 

Is it just me or is every female in love with Harry? You have to admit he's pretty amazeballs. Thanks for the terminology, by the way, Joss.

In the preview for next week, we see Joss flustered by the lovely image of Harry's bare chest. Now, they would make a cute couple, there's no denying it. But you know how much I love Justin Hartley. So I propose this: April and Scott. How about that? No? We'll have to wait for next week. No matter what, I just hope the next installment has a lot more excitement to keep the buzz going during this second half of the 13-episode season.

Mistresses airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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