'Mistresses' Recap: Everyone Has a Decision to Make
'Mistresses' Recap: Everyone Has a Decision to Make
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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If there's one thing that Mistresses is doing well, it's moving storylines along. They could've done a better job with the teasers, though, because some of the situations happened long after one would've assumed they would happen. But you can't win 'em all.

In this week's episode, "Decisions, Decisions," all four ladies come to a crossroads (separately) and must decide whether she'll do A or B that may lay out what'll happen to them, whether good or bad, from now on.

Single Lonely Hearts

It's nice to see April finally getting some action. Why should she be the only one not having any fun? No matter how much they try to stay away from each other, she and Richard seem somewhat destined to cross paths. It helps that their girls are best friends. So much so that they cut school together to go to a Selena Gomez autograph session.

Each parent is called into the principal's office, unaware that the other will be there. But there they are in the office, and then there they are in bed together later on! You can sense April's hesitation at first, but it's good that she went for it. Her daughter's comment probably gave her that extra push of doing something reckless.

Speaking of the kids -- and kids in television shows in general -- it seems they're getting funnier, wittier and very un-kid like these days, rather than just being in the background or being a bratty, annoying kid. April's girl is a prime example. She's such a sassy little girl, who at 10 tells her mom she's a goody two-shoes. And the two of them seem to have conversations that I wasn't having at all at my age.

Nowhere to Go But Down

Before, I thought Josslyn was a useless character -- she still is sort of the odd one out within the inner circle -- but I've found her to be entertaining because she's pretty care-free and lives on her own terms and by her own rules.

Karen, on the other hand, seems to be the opposite. We've only seen her through her work, and what I see I don't like. The future seems the gloomiest with Karen because she compromised so much for a dying man. He left her with nothing -- just the possibility of a criminal investigation and knowing that she was his mistress. I mean, he died with his wife by his side -- not her.

Thomas' wife wants to drop her insurance claim, and I guess the only way to do so is to have him seem suicidal via his sessions with Karen. Before, she got rid of some of her notes of him, but now, she's being asked to completely fabricate them.

And she does and decides to start typing. It's all a bit of a snoozefest. She should start up a relationship with Sam so at least that's kind of crazy.

Friends with Benefits?

Alex looks to Josslyn to get help moving out -- the couple has finally broken up. With all the drama surrounding everyone else, it's nice to see her just having fun. So I guess she's not a useless character after all! 

Alex joins her in the shower -- bold first move. I knew Josslyn was going to give into it, but for a split second, I saw the uncertainty before she gave in. Eventually, they decide not to pursue things any further and remain friends. But it definitely seems like on Josslyn's end at least that she might want to change her mind.

Baby Fever

Things have moved quickly on the show -- but the results of the paternity test haven't for some reason, leaving Savi torn not knowing who the father is. There's even a scare when she starts bleeding, but apparently this can happen due to stress and other things, and so she's pregnant.

Harry, meanwhile, gets baby fever. It starts with just a kiss -- he notes that their kiss just tastes different, and he finds out it could be a sign of pregnancy. Then he starts reading pregnancy books. She denies the pregnancy, further cemented by her telling him she got her period.

Savi can't hold onto the secret any longer and decides at the very end of the episode to reveal that she's pregnant -- but it might not be his. I don't really know why she couldn't wait a day or two longer without finding out for certain. Because if it is his, she could say she is pregnant, but she once cheated on him. It's bad overall, but dropping that bombshell with uncertainty in the air feels much, much worse.

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