'Mike and Molly' Season 2 Preview Guide: Time to Get Hitched?
'Mike and Molly' Season 2 Preview Guide: Time to Get Hitched?
Last season, we left Mike and Molly uncertain about the status of their relationship. They've gone through everything from awkward Thanksgiving dinners to even more awkward serenades. However, are they ready to take the next step? While everyone around them seems ready to commit, Mike wasn't sure if wedding bells are in the cards for him and Molly. But still, he proposed. And she accepted. What will happen in Mike and Molly season 2?

What to Expect on Mike and Molly Season 2:

The series will pick up where it left off, so expect a lot of preparation for that big wedding. We'll get to witness bachelor and bachelorette parties, courtesy of Carl, Samuel, and the others. Something's bound to go wrong there. They might even have cake and an epic celebration, not to mention new surprises and new arguments.

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However, there might be a few obstacles in the way. Molly gets a new yoga instructor named Gianni, who's as seductive as his name sounds. Mike hears about it and, of course, jealousy ensues.

Get ready for more couples' challenges to come on Mike and Molly season 2. Peggy is always there for trouble, along with Victoria and Joyce. With ratings going well for the show, the writers are expected to up the ante.

That means there might just be an actual wedding within the sophomore installment of the series. The couple has to overcome numerous trials throughout though. As the characters' stories progress, we'll be seeing them face the odds (and we do mean odd) in order to keep their relationship going.

They've already dealt with one of Molly's ex-boyfriends and that woman who flirted with Mike. They've already broken up at least once. They even survived the antics of their coworkers and family members.

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We're hoping for more mischief and laughs on Mike and Molly season 2. So mark your calendars, the series returns at 9:30pm on September 26 on CBS.

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