Live from Comic-Con: Plenty of Profanity and Goatees Coming Up on 'The Middleman'
Live from Comic-Con: Plenty of Profanity and Goatees Coming Up on 'The Middleman'
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When a man stood up during the Comic-Con Q&A session for The Middleman and admitted that he works for Nielsen -- the company that's responsible for reporting television ratings -- series creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach jumped off stage, gave him a hug and handed him two t-shirts.  The quirky ABC Family series hasn't been doing particularly well in the ratings, so buttering up Nielsen employees with free gifts isn't a bad idea. The wacky action/comedy hybrid may not be a success by Nielsen's standards, but the audience that came to see Grillo-Marxuach and star Matt Keeslar was more enthusiastic than most Comic-Con crowds.

In addition to the free t-shirts, Grillo-Marxuach also handed out plenty of info about what's coming up in the final episodes of The Middleman's first season.  If you love bleeped out profanity and evil doubles with menacing goatees, this is the show for you.

After showing a clip featuring guest star Kevin Sorbo, who will show up as a Middleman on the August 11 episode of the series, Grillo-Marxuach and Keeslar took the stage to answer questions from the rabid fans.  Before dishing about upcoming episodes, the creator revealed that he has big plans for the first season DVD set.  He's volunteered to record commentaries for all 12 episodes, and also has a few behind the scenes featurettes planned.  Grillo-Marxuach is aware that many fans may discover the show on DVD, so delivering a set jam-packed with extras is a big priority.

As for the future of The Middleman, one episode will feature the title character getting possessed by a peppy sorority girl, while another will reveal one of Noser's (Jake Smollet) mind-blowing secret talents.  Grillo-Marxuach also revealed that the season finale will find the characters discovering a mirror universe that contains their evil doubles.  In the grand tradition of Star Trek and South Park, many of the villainous doppelgangers will have goatees.  The creator also mentioned that the finale "may have more bleeped out profanity than any episode of TV ever," which should make fans happy.

The panel was moderated by a representative from ABC Family, who went out of his way to assure fans that The Middleman may have a future despite its low ratings.  The series has brought a record number of people to the network's website, and execs will also take downloads and DVD sales into account before making a decision about the show's second season.

If you're not tuning in to The Middleman, head to the ABC Family website to catch up on all the episodes.  You're not going to find bleeped out profanity and goatee-sporting evil doubles anywhere else on television.

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