'NCIS' Season 10 Spoilers Straight From the Horse's Mouth: Michael Weatherly Tweets Secrets From the Set
'NCIS' Season 10 Spoilers Straight From the Horse's Mouth: Michael Weatherly Tweets Secrets From the Set
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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The NCIS season 10 premiere won't air for another couple weeks, but thanks to Michael Weatherly (who plays Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo), we don't have to wait that long to find out what we can expect to see on the show this year. 

According to a tweet Weatherly sent out yesterday, there are some special guest stars returning, at least one new guest star to look forward to, as well as a special guest car making an appearance and lots of tension throughout. 

Here are a few tidbits he gave us in the video:

Diane Neal will be back

This means that Agent Borin will be back. I've always gotten a kick out of her character and the way that they portray her as basically the female version of Gibbs. If she's back then I guess we can assume that Team Gibbs is going to come across another case that ventures into Coast Guard territory. But I am wondering if the case will have anything to do with Dearing or if it will be something completely new. At this point there's no telling how far the Dearing story will continue into this season or if it will be wrapped up within the first or second episode. 

Billy Dee Williams will be guest starring on the show

Now I know it's not possible but for one second, when I heard that news, I thought about how incredibly awesome it would be if Billy Dee came on the show and played himself. Just think about it. Tony's brain would no doubt explode because the moviephile in him would love to meet Mr. Lando Calrissian in the flesh. Also, McGee's brain would no doubt explode too, considering the geek that he is. 

But that little fantasy aside, according to TVGuide we know that Williams' role is going to be pretty cool. Turns out he's going to play Gibbs' namesake, Leroy Jethro, a World War II vet who is very close to Gibbs and his father. Executive producer Gary Glasberg describes the episode as "a very rich, emotional story." Sounds like this one's got "holiday episode" written all over it. 

Ralph Waite will be back

This means that Gibbs' father will be back, which is great news and no real surprise considering the tidbit about Billy Dee Williams' appearance. I've always loved the dynamic between Gibbs and his dad and I can't wait to see how Williams' character will affect both of them. We've seen them interact mostly with Gibbs' team and a few people from their hometown that neither of them liked very much. I wonder what will happen when an old friend comes to visit? 

There's going to be a Ferrari on the show?

Right now I'm nearly as giddy as Tony at the prospect of seeing a Ferrari make an appearance on NCIS. Does this mean that Tony will get to drive his dream Magnum car? 

Tony and McGee tension?

Granted, Weatherly didn't actually say "McGee, DiNozzo tension" in the video. What he said was, "There's a lot of tension...a lot of McGee and DiNozzo." 

So what does that mean? Well to me it could mean two things: 

One, he was trying to convey that there is going to be some McGee and DiNozzo tension in this season. In which case I don't know how I feel about that. While I'm a huge fan of tension and drama in my favorite shows, I also really, really like it when Tony and McGee are portrayed as friends. So if we do get tension from them, I hope it is fixed before the end of the season and that it makes them closer friends. 

Two, it could mean that there's going to be tension this season, period, which is fine by me. And that there will also be a lot of McGee and DiNozzo, which is beyond fine by me. More Tony? More McGee? Especially if they are together as partners and friends? Yes please! Bring it on! 

What do you think after watching the video? Got any theories as to what Weatherly was hinting about in it? Are you more ready than ever for the NCIS season 10 premiere on September 25?

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