'Survivor Philippines' Recap: Always Have a Plan B
'Survivor Philippines' Recap: Always Have a Plan B
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It's already day 28 in the Philippines and Abi starts it off by complaining about how abused she was at the previous tribal council. Denise and the rest of the adults left on the island are pretty sick of hearing anything that comes out of Abi's mouth.

Later she falls into Malcolm's arms crying, which is one thing we can't blame her for, and of course he is sensitive and understanding and PERFECT.

Reward Challenge

It's a #SurvivorAuction ya'll! Everybody gets $500 to spend and everyone bids on various scrumptious food items. Carter gives up a loaded baked potato in exchange for sacks of rice and beans for the rest of his tribe. Carter's the tall, awkward blonde one incapable of growing facial hair, in case you forgot.

Then Abi shrewdly saved all of her money to bid on an advantage in the next immunity challenge. This may be a crucial move for her in the game and could keep her safe for one more week.

The challenge ends with Carter bidding on veal shanks for the whole tribe that they have to eat in 60 seconds. Gross.

Abi crushes everyone's morale back at camp where she feels the need to confront Jonathan after the auction. I can honestly tell you that I have no idea what she was talking about. She babbled something about wanting an apology after she all of the "pointing of the fingers" she had to endure at tribal council.

Her crazy person rant ends with a hug from Jonathan because, once again, he is an adult who can keep things in perspective. Then Abi goes off to open her note. It tells her that she will move right to the third round in the immunity challenge. But she decides to pretend that it's also a hint to find another hidden immunity idol and tells Malcolm that she's already found it.

Immunity Challenge

At the challenge, Jeff asks Abi to read her note. She tells her tribe mates that not only does it say that she gets a free pass to the third round, but there is a secret second message that she doesn't have to read out loud. Then she tears up the note so none of the other competitors see it, and she leads them to believe that she could have a clue to another hidden immunity. Clever little plan and she's lucky that Jeff doesn't call her out. I wouldn't put it past him. That Probst is a slippery fella.

The first part of the challenge the survivors are tethered to a rope and they have to untangle their way around a beam. At the beginning of each round, they are asked a question and if they answer wrong, they will have to carry an extra 5 percent of their body weight. Denise and Lisa get the first question wrong and it really slows Lisa down in the first round, but Denise barrels through and finishes first. Carter, Michael, Jonathan and Malcolm all continue on to the next round as well.

The second part they have to work their way through an obstacle course while still tethered to the structure. Denise gets more weight added, and Carter and Michael each have to carry more weight as well. This time the weight is too much for Denise. Jonathan finishes first and Carter is close behind them. They join Abi in the final round.

Carter has more weight added, so he is now carrying an extra 10 percent. They have to untie knots on a multi-level platform and be the first to cross the finish line to win immunity. Abi has a fast start and a lead through the rest of the race. Carter comes somewhat close to catching her, but in the end, she had a more focused and well-rested advantage compared to her two competitors and she wins immunity.

Now, I'm as anti-Abi as the next person with a pulse, but there's something about seeing someone win immunity at the exact time that they have to that really gets my blood pumping. I love a little shakeup at tribal council, too. Loser camps are always so boring when you know exactly who is going home and there's no chance of a shakeup, which would have been the case if Abi lost. Although she did have a good plan B. It would have been interesting to see if anyone actually bought her hidden immunity idol scheme. Maybe she'll have to use plan B before next week's tribal council if she doesn't win again.

Back at camp, Malcolm is actually happy for the opportunity to get rid of a real threat like Jonathan instead of Abi. But Lisa is getting distraught again and she really doesn't want to have to vote off her friend.

Her emotions get the better of her and she approaches Jonathan to tell him that it's his name everyone is writing down tonight. Although it may not have been the best thing to do strategy-wise, it allows the viewers to see Jonathan do a little scrambling, which is way more entertaining than having him potentially blind-sided.

He tells Abi and Carter to vote for Denise and then attempts to get Michael to vote with him. He tells him that this is his chance to take over the game and choose who he wants to go to the end with. Michael agrees to consider it. He thinks he'll have a better chance winning the game against Jonathan than he would against Denise or Malcolm.

Tribal Council

Abi is many things, but of course, one thing she is not is humble. She is happy to gloat about her immunity necklace and her genius plan to save her money during the auction for the advantage. Yeah, Abi, you're a real rocket scientist.

Jonathan makes a pretty desperate plea to Michael and Lisa not to vote him off. He makes the valid point that if they stay with Malcolm and Denise, they are basically giving one of them the million dollars because no one could beat either one of them in the finals. He also tries to appeal to Lisa's feelings, expressing that they have a true connection.

When Denise gets up to vote, Abi sticks her tongue out at her like a four-year-old. I can't even believe this girl sometimes. Jonathan shouts out who he is voting for (Denise) to the rest of the tribe in a last-ditch effort to get people to vote with him. But unfortunately, it was all for naught and Jonathan is voted out. I have to say, of the previous two seasons Jonathan Penner has appeared on, I've probably enjoyed watching him the most this time. He took a logical and calm approach to all of his strategies as well as making better connections and being more likable in his social game. Well-played Penner. See you on the jury!

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