'Survivor' Recap: One Really Competitive World!
'Survivor' Recap: One Really Competitive World!
Survivor: One World brings together two tribes, one all men and the other all women, on the same beach. I love this concept because things are bound to become interesting. Will they have to learn to share more and make all nicey-nicey or just be all out for their team only?

I love it when my question gets answered to the latter when I see clips of a few of the men saying they're not going to be falling for women in bikinis, but are there to win the game. I can't wait for the first set of commercials to end to see all the drama and competiive tension that are sure to erupt ....

Cue the Heli and Hold On to Your Tiki Torch ...

The show is starting! The famous "doo da dee doh dee dah dah" tribal music flows while the helicopter heads for the shore on a "remote Polynesian island." More voiceovers let us know that this season is all about "Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules" and give us the numbers: "39 days, 18 people, 1 Survivor."

Me Tarzan, You Troyzan

Jeff welcomes all 18 contestants while channeling The Price is Right by telling them to "come on down." He then picks out a few contestants from the crowd to talk to: a guy named Tarzan, a girl named Kourtney (who is wearing a knitted penguin hat) and an obviously gay guy, Colton, in an aqua-colored polo shirt with a sweater around his shoulders that's tied in the front.

The constants didn't know beforehand that they would be divided into two tribes that will live side-by-side on the same beach. The girls chirp about it, while the guys look a bit dazed and confused. A grizzled-looking Troyzan grumbles to the camera about there being a guy named Tarzan there. Yeah, he out-names you, buddy!

An Axe to Grind

After assigning the girls the name Salani Tribe and the color blue and the men the name Manono Tribe and the color orange (complementary opposites, get it?) Jeff tells them to hurry up and strip the contents off an old truck parked there.

The girls understandably have an issue with the guys when they steal stuff like an axe that they already had set aside in their pile. Off camera, a guy named Michael admits to the camera the men's theiving ways. The two tribes start setting up their separate camps which are so close that they could be the same camp.

Twangy country music plays as the tribes try to catch some chickens to eat. The girls get the birds and the guys actually have the nerve to ask them for one of their chickens after stealing that axe. The Salani Tribe only considers it because the men have a fire going and they can't seem to do it.

The Manono Tribe takes a turn at being annoyed when the women then want to trade fire for a chicken. "Just get together and share the fire and chicken and have damn dinner!" I yell at the TV.

Colton Befriends the Girls

Colton uses all his charms -- sweet baby face and Richard Simmons voice - on the ladies and it's working. He hugs them and they hug him back. Matt, an attorney who Colton calls "arrogant" and is probably right, warns Colton not to get to close to the other tribe. Colton doesn't heed Matt's advice, but doing that pays off when Sabrina finds an Immunity Idol with the instructions that she must give it to a member of the Manono Tribe.

She gives it to Colton who says to Sabrina "I love you." Colton says to the camera that Matt better watch out because he will "cut his throat faster than Taylor Swift can write a song about her latest ex-boyfriend." Too funny!

No Tribal Council Tonight!

The first challenge involves jumping from a 25-foot tower, so are we surprised that someone got hurt? No, but it's too bad. It's Kourtney. She breaks her wrist in several places - ouch! -- and the medics are called in to help. She's out of the game, so Jeff announces that there will be no Tribal Council.

Jeff gives the men the choice between finishing the challenge without Kourtney or just being declared the winners and receiving immunity. The guys piss off the girls by choosing the latter. A pretty younger girl named Kim says to the camera that "no guy I know would have made that choice."

What did you think of the premiere of Survivor tonight?

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