The 3 New Fall 2017 Shows Most Likely to Fail
The 3 New Fall 2017 Shows Most Likely to Fail
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Success and failure on network TV are tough to predict. That is made clear every fall when a new crop of shows hits the airwaves to tempt viewers. Some are great and immediately connect with audiences, while others stumble quickly.

Which shows are most likely to face a quick and tragic doom? Poor critical reception is a factor, plus a level of disconnect between the show and its network home. Based on that criteria, here are three shows to which you might not want to get too attached.

Marvel's Inhumans (Fridays at 9/8c on ABC)

Inhumans should be a hit. It comes from Marvel. The studio released its first two episodes early in IMAX theaters. There are superheroes!

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Despite all of that, the show may have to contend with the fact that pretty much everyone who has seen Inhumans has kind of hated it. Bad special effects and poor storytelling do not exactly lure in the masses. Besides, there are so many other comics-based shows out there now -- including FOX's upcoming The Gifted -- that there is little incentive to watch a low-quality series.

Marvel has sunk a lot of money into this one, so Inhumans may stick around for a while, but its scheduled eight episodes might be all we ever see.

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The Orville (Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX)

Seth MacFarlane made a space show! This should be a slam-dunk, but will The Orville fly? Well, most critics did not much like what they saw in the first few episodes -- always a bad sign. Worse perhaps is the fact that The Orville is not the sarcastic or comedic parody that many of MacFarlane's Family Guy fans might expect.

CBS is already making another Star Trek. Do audiences also need a lower-quality rip-off homage to that genre? Whatever the case, The Orville's staying power will be revealed once it moves from the cushy, post-football slot FOX has given the first two episodes.

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Valor (Mondays at 9/8c on The CW)

Valor may be good television, but it just seems a little... off-brand for The CW. Military-based shows do seem to be an "in" genre this season, so that could help. It's just that military dramas do not fit with The CW's lineup of superhero adventures, quirky dramas and dark soaps. If Valor were over at CBS (the future home of Seal Team) or NBC (with The Brave), it might fare better.

On top of this, Valor has a more complex plot structure than most action-heavy dramas, featuring stories in the present-day and the past. CW audiences are often surprising in their acceptance of complicated stories. Valor, however, might be too much.

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Do you think Inhumans, The Orville and Valor will succeed or fail this fall? Which network shows do you expect to fail? Leave your comments below!