'Agents of SHIELD' Agent of the Week: May the Pranks Be With You
'Agents of SHIELD' Agent of the Week: May the Pranks Be With You
Bill King
Bill King
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As we head into the holiday season, Agents of SHIELD decided to celebrate Pranksgiving this week. And while the pranks ranged from terrible to awful in terms of creativity, one character in particular got the last laugh.

There have been a few episodes in which choosing the Agent of the Week has been somewhat difficult. But we are apparently in the midst of a stretch where the show tells us who it is by designing entire episodes around one agent.

Similar to how "The Well" last week highlighted Ward's evolution from robot to fully-functioning human, "Repairs" did the same for another character. But at least in that one, May stepped up and contributed as well. No one else did anything in this one, unless you want to be generous and reach.

A MayWard Affair

Speaking of generous reaches, May and Ward are lovers! This doesn't really add much to anyone being Agent of the Week, but I have a really hard time passing up sexual double entendres. 

This fact is bound to upset Skye when it comes to light, but what's a TV drama without a love triangle?

You Call That a Prank?

So the best thing FitzSimmons contributed to this mission was two terrible pranks. The first was telling a lofty story about how Agent May earned the nickname "The Cavalry." Burn!

The second was dressing up and balancing a mop so that it fell on the person who opened the door. Still pretty pathetic, but at least this one set up one of the funnier lines of the show, delivered by Fitz. 

Outside of that, nothing.

Ward and Coulson Shoot Blanks

Ward's highlight was the tryst with May, while Coulson was largely absent outside of the praise he offered Skye. She has to be the runner-up this week, even though all she contributed was talking to the captive Hannah Hutchins like she was a person, identifying Tobias Ford as the "ghost" and trying to reach out to May.

All in all, a pretty weak week for the secondary team members.

In May We Trust

in the end, "Repairs" was all about May letting go of the past by convincing our dimension-jumping villain that he needed to do the same. But she also stepped up along the way.

First, she tranquilized Hannah when things started to get out of control at the house. Then she safely crash-landed The Bus after Tobias cut all the power. After that, she protected Hannah, sneaked her out of the plane and led her to a barn, where she used her as bait to lure Tobias away from the rest of the team.

There, she subdued him and convinced him to let go and move on, accepting that God couldn't erase what he'd done and there was no way to go back and change it. Forward is the only direction to move.

It was the advice Coulson told her after the incident that earned her the nickname, and it was inspired by what she heard Skye telling Hannah, that God doesn't punish, God forgives.

And to back up the fact that the May of the past is on her way back, she pranked Fitz with the old shaving-cream-on-the-hand, tickle-the-face trick. She's such an innovator.

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