'Making the Band 4' Season 2 Now Underway
'Making the Band 4' Season 2 Now Underway
MTV's Making the Band or MTB is back, returning last night with season 2 of its fourth edition.  The second season of Making the Band 4 opened with its first episode called “Battle of the Sexes,” which premiered at 10pm ET/PT.

This season of Making the Band 4 will find previous Making the Band winners, the girls of Danity Kane from Making the Band 3 and the boys of Making the Band 4's first season, living together while working on their respective recording projects.

Last night's “Battle of the Sexes” set the stage for this season's unique twist on Making the Band.  This time around, the members of the all-male quintet, now rumored to be called The 826 Boys, from Making the Band 4 season 1, along with Donnie Klang (now known as Donnie J.), a finalist also from last season, who landed a surprise solo contract of his own, will have to co-habit with the Danity Kane girls under one roof.

Will the men and women be able to share one crib and still manage to find enough space of their own to complete their own separate projects?  Or will there be chaos and mayhem in the house.  The pressure is on as all three acts have albums to get underway.  This season's main contest involves a race for who can get their albums wrapped up first.  Of course, Making the Band would not be complete without the staple elements such as Diddy's infamous challenges, and the sometimes inevitable feuds and hook-ups.

For Danity Kane, Making the Band 4 season 2 will document the female group's efforts to complete their second album.  At the same time, this season will also focus on the debut offerings from both Donnie J. and The 826 Boys.  All three acts have their respective deadlines, with The 826 boys' album scheduled for release on March 11, Danity Kane's on March 18 and Donnie J.'s sometime this spring.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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