Danity Kane's D. Woods Talks about This Season's 'Making the Band 4'
Danity Kane's D. Woods Talks about This Season's 'Making the Band 4'
It's been two weeks now that Making the Band has been back on MTV.  This second season of Making the Band 4 features an all-new twist where Diddy has decided to throw previous Making the Band entries together under one roof.

Wanita Denise Woodgette, better known as D. Woods of Making the Band 3's Danity Kane spoke to SOHH in an exclusive interview ahead of Making the Band 4 season 2's premiere telecast.

"It's the ladies and the boys," D. Woods joked. "I said boys I didn't say men."

The Danity Kane member was referring to this season's premise of having the boys of Making the Band 4 (now known as DAY26) season 1 cohabit with the Danity Kane girls, as well as Donnie Klang (now known as Donnie J.) also of Making the Band 4's first season.

"It's us together on the show, recording our album together, and living together," D. Woods told SOHH.  "It was crazy in every sense of the word crazy.  It's going to be shocking to see the interaction between the guys and us, shocking to see who got a little bit romantic, shocking to see who didn't and how that didn't work out, the downfall of rejection."

Aside from the juicy goings-on in the romance and hook-up department, Woods also mentioned how this season will showcase Danity Kane taking the reins from Diddy in terms of creative control of their second album.

"It's really interesting to see how Diddy has loosened up on the reins and is actually listening to the direction that we kinda want," Woods remarked.  "For this new DK album we're definitely writing on the album, that way the music fits [us] a lot better."

She also added that aside from finding their own voice on this sophomore project, they are also supportive of each other's endeavors towards solo undertakings.

"We definitely want to give each other the room to be that person that you are," Woods explained.  "We're not saying that because you joined this group you have to lose your whole identity and what you were doing before you came here."

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: SOHH
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