Make Me A Supermodel: Video Preview of Episode 9
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Things are heating up nicely on Make Me A Supermodel and this week's nude photo shoot should only continue to make the temperature rise. And it's not just the hot bodies in the house that's bringing the heat, the competition for the title for Supermodel is reaching a boiling point. While it seemed the final two were predetermined since day one, competitors whose names don't start with the letter "J" are starting to prove this is much more than a two horse race. In recent weeks the international models of the house, Sandhurst and Mountaha, have really stepped up the level of competition and they have us wondering if the finale will be a completely international affair, Jonathan is a Brit after all.

But enough of that speculation, this week is all about naked supermodels! Well, of course, there are other things going on in the house too, but American will be tuning in for the flesh. And based on the first promo video from this week's episode, we'll be seeing a lot of the model. So much so, that I have to warn you that this promo video may not be suitable for work. As Branden would say, there are definitely BOOBIES! in this video. For those of you in the comfort of your own homes, watch the video now, because it is truly one of the funniest promo videos you'll ever see. For those of you at work, here's a brief recap of the promo is: Branden does some serious damage while grooming himself for the naked photo shoot, leading Sandhurst to utter one of the more strangely funny lines you'll hear on TV all season. While most of the models have no problem walking around in the buff, Amanda struggles with her nudity though she says that she's naked all the time around her son in hopes he will not grow up gay. Seriously, that comes out of her mouth...and you thought she sounded dumb during last week's like-a-thon.

I can't completely hate on Amanda and her maternal instincts though, thanks to the next video. Branden, the baby of the house, is missing his Mom in a big way and Amanda steps in and shows her maternal side. It's the most likable Amanda, and maybe Branden too, have seemed all season.

While Branden is feeling homesick, Jonathan's family is facing financial issues on the home front. During a call with his wife, Jonathan learns that the money he saved to support his family while he was on the show is running out and that if he doesn't come home soon, they won't be able to pay their rent. Though upsetting, this call only increases Jonathan's drive to win Make Me A Supermodel, which with his performance this season, he's well on his way to doing.

To see more naked models, and the models walking the runway with gigantic bubbles on their head, tune into Make Me A Supermodel tonight on Bravo. When you're done watching, be to tweet BuddyTV your questions for this week's eliminated contestant!

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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