Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 8 Recap (Page 1/2)
Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 8 Recap (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's down to the elite eight on Season Two of Make Me A Supermodel after last week's shocking double elimination. The battle of the sexes is even again, with four girls and four guys remaining. Of course, after tonight's elimination the balance of power will swing in favor of one of the sexes again. Who will it be? The guys or the girls?

While last week's competition pitted the models against each other in a runway style wars, this week the models will be paired with their most difficult partner yet: a ban yard animal. The models are notified of their unique partner with a typical cryptic email: "Modeling is all about being able to work with others, even if they can't understand a word you're saying." Branden is convinced this means they'll be working with deaf people. This makes me wonder if Branden can utter a single thing that does not come across as completely douchey.

The models arrive at a working ranch for their photo shoot, which thrills some of the models and worries others. Just walking to the photo shoot Mountaha ruins a pair of shoes, which she thinks is a bad omen for the shoot. Meanwhile, Salome is super excited for the photo shoot. Salome grew up on a farm (cue photos of Salome in Mennonite dresses)  and says she can pretty much tell you anything you need to know about cows. Also on team "hooray livestock?" Amanda. Jordan on the other hand is squarely in the city girl camp and is nonplussed about this week's assignment. This week's photographer Aliya Naumoff tells the models that cowboys are an iconic part of American culture and she needs them to embody the "roaming persona of a cowboy." This could be interesting.

As the models are preparing their rugged cowboy looks, we learn a few interesting things about the remaining eight models. One: Jordan would rather wrestle a pig than pose with Amanda. Two: Sandhurst, has problems fitting into pants. It turns out Sandhurst's thighs are too muscular from ballet and he has trouble fitting into sample sizes. Something I naively thought only happened to female models. The upswing of Sandhurst's pants difficulties is he sings another song, this time entitled "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Thighs." And don't you worry, we'll be hearing lots more about Sandhurst's thighs and how much Jordan hates Amanda in the rest of the episode.

Sandhurst is up first and he is posing with a two day old calf named Molly. Sandhurst thinks Molly is beautiful and the affection seems to be mutual. While Molly is a bit freaked out, she is only two days old, Sandhurst handles her with aplomb. The photographers loves shooting Sandhurst and how he interacted with Molly. Next up is Branden, who is posing with a bull. Branden is worried that the bull may maul him to death and "eat him." Branden, obviously should ask Salome a thing or two about cows. Branden seems to have a hard time remembering to look at the camera his entire photo shoot, which frustrates the photographer to no end. Next up is Mountaha, who is also posing with baby calf Molly. At least she is trying to. Molly wants nothing to do with Mountaha's photo shoot and spends most of the shoot running out of the frame. Unfortunately, this means most of Mountaha's photos are of her chasing after the calf. The photographer says she only got one frame that is usable from the photo shoot.

Salome's childhood on the farm must have really helped her, because she is owning the bull. Salome is pose after perfect pose and the photographer is enamored of her. She said she'd loved to shoot Salome longer, but she knew she didn't need to. For the first time all competition, Salome is positive she good a good shot after the photo shoot. Next up is Colin with the bull, and things do not go well. Throughout the shoot Colin pulls all kinds of unnatural and unattractive faces and the photographer said it was painful to shoot him. Not a good sing for all you Colin fans out there, myself included. Jonathan is trying to channel his inner John Wayne for this photo shoot, helped out by a pair of leather chaps he's very fond of. For his shoot Jonathan will be posing between two horses, which he's ready for despite some nasty run-ins with equines before. And wow, Jonathan is looking handsome as hell as a cowboy and even one of the horses can't help but try and nibble on Jonathan's ear...he is just that hot.

Jordan has never been on a horse before, so of course, she'll be posing on a horse. For the first time all season, Jordan is really out of her element in the photo shoot. The photographer thinks that Jordan is stunning, but looked like a deer in the headlights throughout the shoot. Last in the saddle is Jordan's nemesis, Amanda. While Jordan was too awkward on the horse, Amanda is too comfortable riding bareback. Pose after pose Amanda gives Playboy instead of cowboy. The photographer says Amanda was, "A little too sexy and cheesy...It's like she's making love to the horse." She also says that despite her urging for a new look, Amanda gave the same pose over and over and over again, which is exactly what I've been saying about Amanda for weeks.

Back at the house and out of the chaps, it's time for the models to see their final photos. Branden says his is his least favorite photo. Colin "isn't sure about his." Salome likes her photo and Nicole says it is "beautiful and natural." Everyone "awwws" about Molly in Mountaha's photo, but no one really says anything about Mountaha, which can't be good. For the first time all season Sandhurst instantly likes his photo and everyone else is going crazy for that too. As expected, Jonathan's photo is gorgeous and could be a cologne ad tomorrow. Jordan likes her photo, but says so with trepidation. And lastly Amanda coos about liking her photo, while everyone else talks about how inappropriately sexy it is. So, who is the most convincing cowboy and the winner of this week's photo challenge? It's Sandhurst! This is Sandhurst's first winning photo challenge.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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