Make Me a Supermodel: Episode 7 Recap (Page 1/2)
Make Me a Supermodel: Episode 7 Recap (Page 1/2)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Last week Make Me a Supermodel was bumped for Bravo's A-List Awards (Note: Any show that gives Tori Spelling an award is definitively NOT A-List).  So this week we get a double elimination, just like on American IdolMake Me a Supermodel is a lot like Idol, only instead of being criticized for men shopping in the women's department, this show encourages it.

The morning after the elimination, Amanda is sad that Gabriel is gone.  She claims it's because she now has no one to talk to, but I suspect it's because she didn't tap that yet.  They get their assignment, and Salome doesn't know who Yves St. Laurent and Andy Warhol are.  That makes me sad for her Mennonite upbringing.

The Challenge: Mod Models

The '60s are back, but it's not the hippie look, it's skinny-tied hipsters.  This challenge will have the models pair up, and those pairs will also walk down the runway together.  In keeping with the theme of two, there's also be a double elimination.

But first, the guys are asked their thoughts on breasts.  Jonathan likes women to be "flat as a pancake," Colin prefers "medium," Sandhurst says nothing, and Branden just screams out "BOOBIES!!!"  I can't decide which is weirdest.

Jonathan and Jordan
Jonathan decide who he thinks is the best model in the competition, so naturally he picks Jordan to give us a preview of what the finale will probably look like.  The photographer ogles Jonathan's ridiculously cut body and their shoot goes over like gang busters because he's hot and she looks like Audrey Hepburn..

Mountaha and Salome
Mountaha's goal is to bring Salome out of her Mennonite shell, which might be hard because Salome doesn't even know who Twiggy is.  Still, they're flirty and fun in their photo.

Branden and Sandhurst
It's the team of Brandhurst, and they're tasked with pretending to check out chicks in the club in their photo.  Sandhurst is like a lost little puppy, but Branden is still supportive of his hot new friend.  But Branden is sure to point out that just because he thinks Sandhurst has a hot body, it doesn't make him gay.  Totally not gay.  BOOBIES!!!!

Colin and Kerryn
Kerryn is super excited that Colin chooses her because she thinks it means they might finally have sex.  She wants him more than she's ever wanted anything.  They do a terrible job to start with because Colin's lack of experience means he doesn't know where to look.  The photographer has them dance around and jump.

Amanda and Laury
Everyone assumes these are the worst two in the competition, so they fake their way through the photo shoot.  However, as much as a pariah as Amanda is, Branden still tries to swoop in an comfort her in the absence of Gabriel.

The Challenge Winner is...Salome.

WTF?  Even she doesn't think she deserved it.  At least Salome is nice enough to bring her partner Mountaha on her Go-See with Rory Tahari.  Mountaha is excited, but as is the case this whole episode, Salome doesn't know who the heck that is.  On the other hand, the clients have no idea how to pronounce Salome's name either, so they're even.  Neither of them book the job because Salome is too experienced and Mountaha is too edgy.


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