Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 11 Recap (Page 1/2)
Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 11 Recap (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After Jordan's shocking elimination last week, everyone (save Mountaha who has immunity) should be quaking in their boots this week. And they are. Sandhurst says, "If the judges wanted to send a message with eliminating Jordan, they definitely did. Any slip up and you can go."

The models worries are only amplified by the arrival of this week's photo shoot assignment. "Put on some warm clothes because you're about to be polar bears." Right away, Salome clues in to what this means. "Do you know what polar bears do? They go into cold water and get fish." For the first time all season, one of the models hits the nail on the head perfectly about the photo assignment. Despite the near freezing temperatures, the models will be having a swimsuit photo shoot and they're posing with some less than lovely sea creatures. 

The models arrive at the beach and it's hovering just above freezing. While the models look less than thrilled, we are pleased to report that Jonathan has gone back to a beautiful blonde and Salome has taken out her new extensions. Both look better with their original makeover and Tyson is pleased to see that they've returned to their roots.

As expected, the models are told that they'll be doing a swim suit shot and that they'll be posing with partners: dead fish. Seriously. Honest to god dead fish. The photographer says she's looking for a sexy artistic swimsuit shot, while embracing their new slippery friends. It's back to the tent to get suited up and hello bare bottoms! Lots and lots of bare bottoms. Branden and Jonathan bare bottoms to be exact. Thank you Bravo for believing in equal opportunity nudity.

Salome is up first and they've put her in an itty bitty black bikini. Once again and louder than ever before: if Salome is fat, the rest of us are Jabba The Hut. Seriously, she looks amazing in the bikini and if she's too big for the modeling industry, the problem is with the industry, not Salome. For her photo shoot Salome is dressed with dead eels as cuffs and bracelets. At first Salome struggles with not smiling, and the judges don't want smiles at all. However, Salome soon finds her stride and her best asset. When Salome turns her backside to the camera, the photographer falls in love with her booty. He keeps saying  "it's amazing! it's amazing!" But Salome is worried that the judges will hate on her shapely behind, and she's right, they probably will.

Next is Jonathan and he's posing with two gigantic dead fish. No surprise here, Jonathan looks fricking hot in a swimsuit. The photographer was extremely impressed with Jonathan. The photographer keeps screaming in his Swedish accent: "Jump up with fish! Jump!" Hilarious photographer, funniest guest yet.

As the shoot goes on, the temperature is actually dropping. It's down to 34 degrees now and the models are draped with iced down fish. Sandhurst is letting the cold really get to him. He says nothing has prepared him for this, and his chattering teeth are worrisome. He's the first model that the photographer isn't completely enamored with. "You need to look a little less like a robot and be more sexy." Wow, Sandhurst is really struggling with this one, through his chattering teeth of course. The photographer says he "looks more like a Wall Street guy on the beach than a model." Ouch.

Next on the beach is Branden, who has prepared himself for this shoot by stuffing two heat packs in his speedo. Seriously. Branden's fish prop is a 150 pound gigantic fish and he struggles with the fact his body isn't as swimsuit friendly as Sandhurst and Jonathan. Still, the photographers say they love Branden's look and his handsome face.

Mountaha is last and she's posing in a sexy silver one-piece and a dead eel as a necklace. Mountaha feels like she nailed it, and it seems like she does. The photographer says that Mountaha photographs well, but is not a natural.

Back at the house, everyone is stressing out that Salome will win another photo shoot, because she is the photographer's darling this season. Mountaha is feeling super confident though, she's certain that Salome will be sent home based on the weakness of her runway walk. I'm not sure I love Mountaha's over-confidence, but we do know she won't be the model sent home this week.

The next morning Nicole brings the models their photos. Jonathan loves his jumping action shot. Mountaha loves her shot and everyone oohs and aahs over it. Nicole tells her it's one of the best photos she's taken. Branden loves the masculinity of his shot. Salome isn't thrilled her ass is the first thing in the photo and is worried the judges are going to kill her. Kill? No. Eliminate? Very likely. Sandhurst isn't crazy about his photo, he thinks it shows of his "thunder, thunder, thunder thighs" in a bad way. So who is the photo shoot winner this week? Holy cow: Salome. Again. This is Salome's 3rd win in a row and her 5th photo shoot challenge win, which is nearly half of the total photo shoots all season.

No surprises here, the rest of the model's think that Salome's win in bullshit. Salome says she feels 100 silent middle fingers pointing in her direction and she's right. For her win, Salome and Mountaha will be sent to see Rosa Cha, a Brazilian bikini designer. Right away, Salome realizes that this will play to Mountaha, the Brazilians favor. Not only does Mountaha have a bikini body, she speaks the designer's language, literally and not just figuratively.

It's go-see time and Mountaha is done holding Salome's hand and telling her who's who in the fashion industry. As expected the, designers aren't keen on Salome's shape, but they like Mountaha. Ultimately, the designer thinks neither girl has swimsuit bodies, but he does invite them to participate in a trunk show for the brand.

While the girls are at Rosa Cha, the boys are helping a new furniture designer build buzz around their new product. While Jonathan excels, Branden takes the opportunity to whistle at passing ladies. Of course. Sandhurst also struggles, struggles so much that he breaks the desk that he is supposed to be modeling. Whoops. That's no good.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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