Bravo Announces Premiere Date for 'Make Me a Supermodel,' Second Seasons for 'Top Design' and 'Shear Genius'
During last night's episode of Project Runway, Bravo announced that their new reality series, Make Me a Supermodel, will premiere on Thursday, January 10 at 10pm.  Make Me a Supermodel is a reality competition series (it does not, despite the title, involve extensive plastic surgery) that pits both male and female wannabe supermodels against each other in a competition to see who has the most supermodel potential.  The winner receives $100,000 and a modeling contract.  Although it may sound like a blatant rip-off of America's Next Top Model (it still kind of is), the big difference is that the competition is co-ed and will have viewers vote on the outcome, as opposed to the eliminations being decided by a panel of judges.  In addition, Bravo also announced that they've green lit second seasons of both Top Design and Shear Genius. 

Hooray, writers' strike.  Any reality series that has recently enjoyed even moderate success is going to get additional seasons in the wake of the strike, with such little original scripted content available.  Make Me a Supermodel is based off the UK reality series of the same name.  That show has thus far aired two seasons across the pond, both hosted by reality veteran and music video temptress Rachel Hunter.  

There's been some talk that, if the strike continues without a resolution for months, some of the Bravo reality series could make their way to their mother network, NBC.  Project Runway is the likeliest candidate to make the leap, but you never know; desperate times call for desperate measures.

Considering that the eliminations on Make Me a Supermodel will be based on viewer votes, I wonder how big of an effect the viewer demographics will have on the outcomes.  I assume (blindly) that more females will watch this show then males.  Will they be more inclined to vote for the men than the women?  

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of Bravo)