'Louie' Not Returning to FX Until Spring 2014
'Louie' Not Returning to FX Until Spring 2014
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
If you're one of the people constantly singing the praises of FX's unconventional comedy Louie, which took home an Outstanding Writing Emmy Award this year, you might want to sit down before reading on. The show, which usually debuts in the summer, will be taking an extended berth going into season 4. That means we'll all have to wait just a little while longer to find out if Louie ever managed to find the Yangtze River.

The comedian and star of FX's comedy darling, Louise C.K., does at least quadruple duty on the show. He's not only the writer and star, but he's also the director and editor. And that doesn't account for his bustling stand-up career or the promotion he has to do for the show which, as he pointed out on a conference call with reporters today, often occurs while he's shooting the sitcom.

So it should come as no surprise that C.K. wants a little extra time to put together the show's next season. Instead of bowing in the summer of 2013 as it always has, fans can expect to spend more time with Louie in spring 2014.

"The last three seasons have been a surge of fun and work and stories. It's been great to share all this stuff. But I want the show to keep going and keep getting better," star Louis C.K. said on a conference call with reporters today.

"That's my goal. I don't want it to be making the donuts. I want it to keep being something that comes from somewhere fun and important. That's why I wanted this time and wanted this break. I'm excited about what we can do in the future."

A hiatus like this isn't unheard of in the television landscape. The Sopranos often took long breaks between and even in the middle of seasons, especially at the end of its six season run. More recently, Mad Men was off the air for over a year while AMC and Matthew Weiner debated contracts.

Giving C.K. time to perfect Louie is never a bad idea. Considering how many hats the comic wears on the show, it's no surprise that after 39 episodes, he might need a bit more time to put together the new season.

In addition to all the duties listed earlier, C.K. is also a producer on the show and even picks out music. With his all-hands-on-deck approach, a little added time to the production schedule will allow him to write the best episodes for one of the best comedies ever.

While fans will miss the show, added time will allow Louie to be more inventive and cover new ground. C.K. also mentioned he's open to longer episodes, like this season's two-parter with Parker Posey and the Late Show trilogy of episodes. So with some added time, we might be in store for expanded episodes. And for fans, more Louie is never a bad thing.

"I want season 4 to go somewhere new," C.K. said. "I'd like to start a new story. I don't know what that is yet. It's going to take a little breathing time, and a little bit of pie and coffee to figure that out."

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