The 10 Biggest Snubs of the 2013 Emmy Nominations
The 10 Biggest Snubs of the 2013 Emmy Nominations
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Every year the Emmy nominations give us plenty to be excited about, but just as important as who was nominated is who wasn't. The 2013 Emmy Award nominations are no different.

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Sure, Emilia Clarke getting nominated for Game of Thrones is awesome, but why not Michelle Fairley? And was New Girl really just not as funny the second time around, getting snubbed completely for season 2?

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Depending on your personal taste, there are about 40-50 people or shows who you think should've been nominated, but to narrow it down, here are my top 10 snubs of the 2013 Emmy nominations, five for dramas and five for comedies.

Parenthood's Monica Potter

The single most egregious and unforgiveable error the Emmys committed this year is ignoring Monica Potter, whose breathtaking performance as a mother struggling with cancer was the best acting on all of television over the past year. I thought that Jason Ritter's guest actor nomination last year was a sign that Emmy voters were paying attention to Parenthood, but I guess not.

The Good Wife Actors

I know it sounds a bit silly to say a show has been snubbed when it scored four acting nominations (Christine Baranski, Nathan Lane, Michael J. Fox and Carrie Preston), but it's true. This show has the best acting on TV, and it's crazy that past Emmy winners Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi, plus the deserving male cast (Alan Cumming, Chris Noth, Josh Charles, Matt Czuchry) were all shut out. Heck, even with three guest acting nominations, people like John Noble, Matthew Perry, Mary Beth Peil and Stockard Channing can be counted as snubs.

FX Dramas

American Horror Story: Asylum got more nominations than any other program and Louie got six nominations, so obviously Emmy voters are aware that FX exists. Why, then, did shows like Justified and Sons of Anarchy wind up with ZERO nominations? The acting and writing on those shows is spectacular, and they even have Emmy-caliber guest stars like Jimmy Smits and Mike O'Malley. Heck, I'll throw The Americans in there too, which only got two minor nominations. Maybe in the future FX should just try to claim that everything it does is a miniseries.

The Walking Dead

Surely Emmy voters respect huge ratings (how else to explain The Bible being nominated for Outstanding Miniseries?). So why do they ignore cable's biggest show? Obviously they aren't scared of genre TV (see Game of Thrones), and with gritty performances by Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey, this should've been the year that zombies took over the Emmys.

Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany

Orphan Black is the coolest cult phenomenon on TV right now, and while I didn't really expect a young star who plays multiple clones on a BBC America series to get nominated, there was so much buzz that she has to be considered a bit of a snub.

The Big Bang Theory Supporting Cast

I'm happy that scene-stealers Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik were nominated, but given the massive ratings, I was hoping the love would spread to some of the other cast members. Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Rauch and especially Simon Helberg are all outstanding and should be nominated.

New Girl

Do you remember last year when New Girl was the cool new thing and picked up five Emmy nominations? Well, this year it was completely ignored. The snub of Zooey Deschanel wouldn't sting so much if not for the fact that half the Lead Actress nominees aren't really that funny, nor are their shows strictly comedies (Lena Dunham's Girls, Edie Falco's Nurse Jackie and Laura Dern's canceled Enlightened). Then there's the issue of Matt LeBlanc in Episodes (a show I'm sure you've never heard of) taking up a spot that could've gone to the deserving Jake Johnson.

Parks and Recreation

I seriously don't get what the problem is. Parks and Recreation is funny. It has Amy Poehler. It's basically on the same level as 30 Rock, yet it gets almost no Emmy love. It should be up for Comedy Series and a few supporting nominations (Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Aziz Ansari, or really anyone), but once again, Poehler is the only part of the show that gets any respect.

Louie's David Lynch

This might be a small gripe, but since Louie picked up six nominations (including one for Guest Actress Melissa Leo), I'm a bit annoyed one wasn't for Guest Actor. Film director David Lynch's weird portrayal of a man assigned to help train Louie to become a talk show host was inspired and absurd. It was my favorite thing about the third season and should've been rewarded.

Arrested Development

The Emmy voters solidly embraced Netflix's House of Cards with nine nominations, including one for Outstanding Drama Series. Yet old Emmy favorite Arrested Development got shut out, with Jason Bateman as the only major nomination. What about Comedy Series and all of the stars (Jessica Walter and Will Arnett, especially)? Heck, I'd have settled for guest acting nominations since season 4 was filled with great performances by Liza Minnelli, Chris Diamantopoulos, Terry Crews, Kristen Wiig, Henry Winkler and many others. It's puzzling that Emmy voters were willing to accept Netflix on the drama side, yet ignore a more established brand for comedy.

What do you think is the biggest Emmy snub of 2013?

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