'Louie' Season 3 Preview Guide: Everything is Amazing
'Louie' Season 3 Preview Guide: Everything is Amazing
The second season of Louie cemented the show's well-deserved reputation as one of the most unique, artful and darkly funny half hours on television. Loosely based on the experience and observations of show creator and star Louis C.K., Louie follows the comedian's eternally downcast alter-ego as he navigates the pitfalls of fatherhood, midlife divorce, and general urban life in the 21st century.

Though the show typically functions as a series of short films rather than a traditional expanding continuity, Season 2 did feature a number of fairly consistent recurring motifs, including more permanent roles for Louie's two daughters and the return of Pamela Adlon as an unrequited love interest. Louie season 3 will undoubtedly continue to eschew traditional structure while exploring modern life through Louie's eyes.

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What to Expect from Louie Season 3

Louie will return to FX this summer for 13 new episodes, with C.K. expected to return as the show's sole writer, director and editor. Very little has been revealed about what the new season will entail -- C.K. himself has only said that he wants Louie season 3 to be markedly different from the first two seasons, and hopefully better.

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Because the show's non-continuous format precludes traditional character development, it's probably more useful to examine its author's life as an indicator of where the series is headed. Louis C.K. has had a great year, receiving countless accolades from nearly every major entertainment publication, scoring a spot on Time magazine's list of 2011's most influential people, and recently self-producing and distributing his own comedy special without any studio assistance.

Because the show is so married to C.K.'s personal experience, it will probably touch on the comedian's newfound fame and success in some way, though most likely through its typically dark and self-depreciating lens. Louie's increased profile will also enable it to continue its winning streak of prominent comedy guest stars, which in the past has included the likes of Joan Rivers, Dane Cook and Chris Rock.

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The character of Louie will almost certainly continue dealing with the pressures of fatherhood, as family life has remained a high point of C.K.'s stand-up. There is also a good chance of seeing Pamela Aldon return -- her interactions with Louie provided many of the most resonant moments of season 2, including his hilarious, pathetic, and wholly endearing vow to wait for her as she left for Paris.

What do you want to see in Louie Season 3? Would you like to see great guest performers like Doug Stanhope and Pamela return, or should the revolving cast keep expanding? How do you see Louis C.K.'s success affecting the new season, and what will "different" mean for a show like this, when it's already one of the most "different" shows on television?

Ted Kindig
Contributing Writer

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