LOST Finale Spoilers revealed - But Are They Real?
LOST Finale Spoilers revealed - But Are They Real?
With only nine days to go until LOST’s third season ends rumors about what mysteries the finale will hold have reached a fevered pitch.  As is the modus operandi, fan’s suspect much of the information that claims to spoil the finale is manufactured by the producers themselves to throw us off course.  The conspiracy could go even deeper, some people are claiming that LOST is planning a con on the level of Battlestar Galactica’s faux Star Buck death from earlier this year.  Here are the top five rumors for what will go down in the LOST season three finale.

Charlie Dies – We’ve known that Charlie was supposed to die for sometime now, and that prescient hatch hermit Desmond has been pushing him out of the grim reaper’s reach.  Thanks to the mechanics of ‘course correction’ though, there is apparently no way to avert his death.  The universe is gunning for him.

Jack Kills – Jack’s flashback shows Jack as his lowest point, lower than you could possibly imagine.  The latest news from the “island” (as in Hawaii) is that good old Dr. Jack went on a bit of a killing spree before he cut his hair, shaved his beard, and hopped a plane to Australia where he added one more corpse to his roster, dear old dad.  Jack a freakin psycho?  Say it isn’t so!

Jack and Locke Showdown – Tvguide’s Michael Ausiello swears up and down we will see Jack and Locke come to blows before this season is done.  Many theorize that this will be via Locke’s connection with “The Others,” but after last week it doesn’t look like Ben and Locke will be hanging out much anymore.

The Outside World Will be Contacted – This is a fresh one.  You would expect that the plan to contact Naomi’s people would fail miserably, but that is not the case.  Danielle will appear to finally reveal the location of the mysterious radio tower that has been broadcasting her plea for help.  The outside world WILL be contacted, but are they really there to rescue the losties?

Michael or Walt will appear - By what mechanism, we do not know, but all the parties involved have admitted that they are working overtime to make the reunion happen.  Will we see one or the other (or both?) appear before the end of the season?  Could be!

Any one of these could be true, any one of them could be false.  What do you think?  Which do you think is most likely true?  Have a rumor of your own to share?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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