Which Dead 'Lost' Character Are You?
Which Dead 'Lost' Character Are You?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight brings the final pre-strike episode of Lost, after which the show takes a five-week break before returning with the final five episodes of season 4 on April 24 at 10pm (more likely, 10:02pm) following new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. This final episode, “Meet Kevin Johnson,” promises to inform viewers about what happened to Michael (Harold Perrineau) after he got off the island.

In addition, the promos have promised that someone will die! Fans of Lost know this is not a show squeamish about killing off series regulars. To date, eight series regulars have been officially killed off, and in that spirit, we introduced our newest BuddyTV Personality Quiz: Which Dead Lost Character Are You?

A companion to our original Which Lost Character Are You? quiz, for this one, answer 15 questions and find out which dearly departed Lostie you most resemble. From Mr. Eko, who speaks softly and carries a big Jesus stick, to the whiny and superficial Shannon, all your favorite (and least favorite) Lost characters who have passed away on the island are up for grabs.

Which Dead Lost Character Are You?

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