What is Your Fate on 'Lost'?
What is Your Fate on 'Lost'?
Tonight finally marks the long-awaited premiere of Lost season 4.  We've been waiting for months to see the return of our favorite castaways, and to find out who is coming on that mysterious freighter that's making its way to the island.  Tonight's hour marks the first of eight Lost episodes that we have to look forward to, which will act like a shining beacon of light during these dark, strike-inflicted times.

To help pass the time until the premiere and make that long wait between episodes fly by, BuddyTV has developed the personality quiz:  What is Your Fate on Lost?

One of the great things about the series is how it often forces you to ponder the moral decisions of the characters.  How would you react if you had to sacrifice yourself to save your friends, or if you had a potential Other tied up in a hatch?  Now you can answer some of these tough questions thanks to our new quiz.  It's a fun way to pass the time until tonight's season 4 premiere, and it'll even tell you what your ultimate fate would be if you were trapped on the island.  Would you get rescued?  Would you die?  Would you turn evil?  Find out for yourself.

In addition to finding out your Lost fate, BuddyTV is also offering personality quizzes for many other popular shows.  Are you Claire Bennet or Peter Petrelli?  McDreamy or Izzie?  Clark Kent or Lex Luthor?  Find out by taking all of BuddyTV's personality quizzes.

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What is Your Fate on Lost?