Thinking About Lost's End Game Again, With Extra Hell Added
Thinking About Lost's End Game Again, With Extra Hell Added
First off, some warnings: One, this is wildly speculative, a result of my idle mind. Two, I haven't read any of the spoilers, because I try my best to avoid the juicy ones. Three, I'll ramble.

I was thinking of a few Lost-related things while returning from my out-of-town trip over the weekend. Three things, actually. One, next week's new episode (tonight's a rerun) is named "The Candidate", suggesting that we'll finally know who gets to take over Jacob's place on the Island. Two, we probably already know who that person is, judging from the last scenes in last week's episode: it's Jack, he who decided to embrace his destiny on the Island and has become a more convincing believer than that "sucker" Locke.

Three, there are those call sheets that were leaked over the weekend. With ABC confirming that it's a genuine document (but not whether it's a decoy or the real deal) I have enough reason to believe that at least parts of it are true. At the very least, it suggests that the whole story of Lost will boil down to the roles that Jack, Locke and Desmond will play.

So there's Jack, a new (and assiduous) believer in the Island and its mission, supposedly in "hell", according to the call sheets. A part of me hopes Lost doesn't go the way of Supernatural when it comes to hell, but I don't think this is an acronym that stands for "hardly engaging learning lesson". Surely it's just a metaphor for something slightly related. The repository of all evil? Some place the Man in Black hides in?

And then there's Desmond, that special guy who seemingly earned the ability to travel in time and space, putting things together so the two timelines can fuse. I'm getting the feeling that he's acting in good faith, and since it seems he'll play a huge part in the resolution of things, I'm starting to entertain the thought that he's the one replacing Jacob, despite him not being on the list. Maybe because if he's on the list, he won't be touched by the Man in Black?

Yes, I'm suggesting that Jack could be the Man in Black's replacement. I'm not saying he's evil. I'm just saying he's the sort of guy who'd escape things when they get tough, at least before Oceanic 815 crashed on the Island. And now he's fully embracing his destiny, partly because he's getting cynical about things.

In this case, Locke is there just to provide the transition, being the remaining major force in the Island, and a seemingly invincible one at that. He'll pass the baton, get rid of the malevolence inside him, and leave the Island to be free... and harmless. But before that, he'll have to send Jack and Desmond to their destinies, see them enveloped by light and darkness, and then, maybe the ultimate synthesis. Maybe "hell" will be defused and the Island will cease to exist, and everything resets.

I'm not suggesting this is how it'll end. My ideas are as good as yours, if not lesser--you know I've only been in the Lost business for less than a year. But with the end less than a month away, and before we get distracted by who returns to the show, who dies and who ends up with what, I think it's time to ask the pretty important question again: how will this all end? How will we get there? And, when all of it is done, will it all even matter?

I told you, I'll ramble a bit. Or maybe not a bit.

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