The 'Lost' Season 4 Finale: Five Questions We Want Answered
The 'Lost' Season 4 Finale: Five Questions We Want Answered
After four months and 12 amazing episodes, the grand finale of Lost season 4 is only hours away. As the last two episodes of the season grow closer, we've compiled a list of some pressing questions raised this season that we need answered.

Lost of course has dozens upon dozens of mysteries still up in the air, and we wouldn't have it any other way. But that doesn't mean we don't want the show's creators to throw us a bone before the big break between this season and the next. Will we be left satisfied or disappointed by what is revealed later tonight? Read on to see what we most want to see addressed by the time the Lost title card flashes on screen for the last time in 2008.

5. Is Jin alive?

It's been a constant debate ever since the end of “Ji Yeon” revealed that only Sun made it off the island: What kept Jin from going home with his wife and unborn baby? Some are convinced that Jin must have died, while others think Sun's tears at his gravestone were merely an act for paparazzi cameras. I sided with the latter crew for quite some time, but after “There's No Place Like Home: Part 1”--in which Jin is last seen on the freighter in the vicinity of a room full of explosives--I'm not so sure.

4. How will Locke move the island?

In the final moment of “Cabin Fever,” Locke announced to Ben and Hurley that what Jacob wants is for him to move the island. Is this a physical move to another location on Earth? Or a move through time, aided by the anomalies surrounding the island? Based on Ben's insistence in his flash forward face off with Charles Widmore that the island won't be found, either is possible. And there's a good chance that the mysterious and recently discovered Orchid Station will be what leads to the grand relocation.

3. Why did Sawyer choose to stay on the island?

You could make a case for why most of the other castaways remained on the island. Rose might fear her cancer coming back on the mainland. Claire is off being mysterious and creepy in Jacob's cabin. Locke is obsessed with the island. Desmond and Michael might soon find themselves blown to bits, as may a good chunk of the remaining background characters. But as Jack revealed in "Something Nice Back Home," Sawyer specifically chose to stay on the island. For what reason? To escape his criminal past? Or is there some other, unexpected reason?

2. What are the Oceanic Six hiding?

I have a feeling that the answers to the previous questions are also the same answer to this one. As we saw in the first part of the season finale, the Oceanic Six made a pact to keep secret what went down on the island. Something big must happen to reunite the currently separated Oceanic Six, and for this specific six to be the ones who get to leave. I have a hard time buying that Jack, for instance, would choose to leave the island if there are a limited number of spots available to do so. He seems the type of guy who would give his seat up for someone. So what happened that kept Jin, Sawyer and the others from going home? Could the island's relocation be part of the cause?

1. Who was in the coffin?

In last year's season finale flash forward we found Jack in a downward spiral, the origins of which were portrayed throughout this year. What we have yet to learn is who was in the coffin at the poorly attended funeral Jack found so upsetting. Is it Locke? Ben? Juliet? Someone we haven't even considered? And what about that person's death has Jack so convinced that he and the rest of the Oceanic Six need to head back to the island?

Will these questions be answered? Or will we still be pondering them two years from now? We'll find out tonight when the two-hour Lost season finale airs at 9pm on ABC.

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