The 5 Coolest 'Lost' Easter Eggs from the Season 6 Premiere, "LA X"
The 5 Coolest 'Lost' Easter Eggs from the Season 6 Premiere, "LA X"
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Who doesn't love a great Lost Easter Egg, one of those tiny little nuggets for hardcore fans that turn watching Lost into an interactive game?  "LA X," the premiere of the final season, had a ton of Easter Eggs, and you can click here to see All Lost Easter Eggs from "LA X."

But which ones are the cream of the crop, the coolest bits from the two-hour premiere?  Here are our favorites.

Desmond's Book
He only briefly flashed it to the camera, but the book Desmond was reading on Oceanic 815 was Salman Rushdie's children's novel, Harouh and the Sea of Stories.  It's a book about the power of imagination and storytelling and features one character asking the question, "What's the use of stories that aren't even true?"  This is obviously a reference to the fact that these flash sideways aren't even true compared to the rest of the Island.

7-boone.jpgBoone's Leg
The great thing about the flash sideways is that they'll provide a ton of Easter Eggs with little moments or lines that parallel the show we've already seen.  While Boone is talking to Locke, he asks if the old man is "pulling his leg."  This ties back into season 1 because Boone discovered that Locke was paralyzed before the crash and also because after Boone fell, his leg was so badly injured that Jack literally had to pull it off, but Boone refused the amputation to save medical supplies.

1-woodsman.jpgRose's Magazine
On the flight, Rose was seen reading a magazine called Weekly Woodsman.  While it's fictional, the magazine previously showed up in the season 4 episode of Supernatural, "When the Levee Breaks."  In addition, the back of Rose's magazine features a flying saucer with the words "The Truth is Out There," an ode to The X-Files.  What do Supernatural and The X-Files have in common?  The late TV director Kim Manners, who worked on both shows and passed away last year.

9-circle.jpgThe Circle
To protect himself from the Smoke Monster, Bram surrounded himself by a circle of ashes, and the Others at the Temple did the same after learning of Jacob's death.  While it's unclear why, a clue might be from the TV show Reaper, where standing inside a circle kept you safe from the Devil.  Maybe Lost is basing this on the same underlying mythology, meaning Smokey is the Devil.

No Numbers
It's hard to claim that an Easter Egg didn't exist, but that's what happened in the flash sideways.  Usually an episode of Lost is filled with references to the Numbers, and despite an airport full of announcements about arriving flights and gate numbers, the infamous Numbers did NOT make an appearance, most likely a result of the Island getting blown up.

Those were our five favorite Easter Eggs, but you can see all the Eggs we found from this episode HERE.

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