Revisiting Lost's Last Supper: They Have Picked Sides... Or Have They?
Revisiting Lost's Last Supper: They Have Picked Sides... Or Have They?
A month before this season of Lost premiered, ABC released a couple of promo photos featuring the whole cast imitating Da Vinci's famous painting, The Last Supper. Our first point of discussion, then: Locke took on the position of Jesus Christ, immediately triggering talk that he (or the Man in Black, technically) holds an important role in wrapping up the series. But some thought we're just putting too much meaning into photos that ABC's publicity department--a bunch of people technically separate from the show's producers--took.

It's been two months since, and after the awesome last ten minutes of "Sundown", this all gets clearer. Bah, I knew this was going to happen! Let's look back at it, shall we?



Again, the first photo has everyone looking straight at the camera, and the second photo has everyone looking at Locke. What's interesting in the second shot are the small changes: Claire switching sides with Miles, Hurley moves to accommodate Miles, and Ben and Sun switching. I'll get to that later.

Let's return to the photo number one first. Yes, I'll say there's a significance in where they're placed. The people to the left are the "evil" ones, for lack of a better term. Kate and Sawyer were criminals before the crash. Sayid was an interrogator with the Republican Guard. Richard's intentions were questionable from the beginning, and more so for Ilana.

The folks on the right are, well, the "good" ones. Surprising, perhaps, to see Ben there--he is, after all, a seriously devious Other. But, considering how events unfolded in later seasons, I think it's safe to say that Ben is more the victim than the perpetrator.

Now look at the second photo, and the sides of the impending war becomes clearer. There's Sayid and Claire, two survivors who are obviously associated with Flocke now. There's Sawyer, recruited a couple of weeks back. And then there's Kate: last night it was suggested that she's also going to Flocke's side, and I believe that's the case. One, her encounter with the Smoke Monster while rescuing Claire: the look in her face wasn't just fascination, considering she's seen it before. Two, it would be too obvious to have Kate and Jack on one side.

What about Jin? While it's suggested that he joined Flocke's side, thanks to his no-show last night, I don't think he'll be moving to the "wrong" side any time soon. One, it can't just happen: he only met Flocke two weeks ago, nothing more. Two, I expect a reunion between him and Sun, and that's enough to pull him back. And, considering they're both candidates (or were bound together by the actual candidate, Ji Yeon), you've got to have these two together.

But what about Richard and Ilana? They're obviously not on the Man in Black's side, so why are they on the left? I see them as a wild card, characters crucial to make us understand what the Island is all about. (And with a Richard-centric episode in a few weeks, I wouldn't be surprised.) They may not have a big hand in fighting the war that's supposedly close--heck, maybe they'll both die in the next few episodes--but they'll help those on Team Jacob make sense of it all.

I think they're on the left side just to throw us off. I mean, if everybody crowded on the right side, it would've been a huge giveaway. It could also explain why Claire, in the second photo, leans closer to them than to Sayid.

Now that opens up many more possibilities. Will Claire be pulled back to the good side? Is it because of the way Aaron will inevitably figure in all this? Or maybe Flocke will turn Richard and Ilana to his side? Okay, I think I'm reading too much in this now...

(Images courtesy of ABC)