LOST's John Locke on Vacation, and other LOST goodies
LOST's John Locke on Vacation, and other LOST goodies
The LA Times is reporting that LOST fans will have to wait five long weeks before they see John Locke or his dad again!  After last night's stunning reveal that Locke's father caused his paralysis by pushing him out an eighth story window, then having the scoundrel turn up ON the island, LOST creators  will be putting both characters on ice.  But don't fret, according to the LA Times, LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof has stated that when Locke and dad return, it will be to kick the story into finale mode.

With talk of mystical boxes that bring you whatever you wish, and allusions that John Locke may indeed have a connection with the island's mysterious forces,  LOST viewers were teased and tantalized into a sense that some of the show's biggest answers were near.  While five weeks isn't as bad as say waiting an entire summer to see what lurks in a hole in the ground, the move is sure not to be popular with die hard fans, unless they can find a way to divert attention away from Man from Tallahassee's intriguing themes.

Take next week's Expose', for instance.  Fans have been frothing over Paulo and Nikki since they debuted like bulls in a china shop earlier this season.  The newbies simply were not welcomed, and fans were none too quiet about it.  Show runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof promise a payoff with Expose' that will redeem the characters to fans, but you should be careful what you assume 'redemption' might mean.  Put on your spoiler goggles if you don't want to know what might be cooking next week.

Seems the plot may go something like this:  Paulo and Nikki had a fortune in stolen diamonds and precious metals which they lost in the crash.  As it turns out, our good friend Ethan Rom appears on the scene with the goods.  Paulo and Nikki wind up colluding with Ethan in exchange for getting their booty back.  Yep.  They may be traitors.  Or, this rumor may be bogus, but consider this...

At TheTailsection.com I posited a well backed theory that at least one of the despised duo will be buried alive after being bitten by a spider.  I'm now hearing that the remaining free loader, Paulo, will be executed from a distance by an 'Other', before he can spill the beans on collaborating with the bad guys.

If redemption means that the hated characters die miserable deaths and turn out to be complete scumbags, yeah, I'd say they are redeemed!

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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