Lost: Zoe Is 'Bridging The Gap Between Science and Belief'
Lost: Zoe Is 'Bridging The Gap Between Science and Belief'
Most of you called her a Liz Lemmon look-a-like when she popped up on Lost last week, but Zoe--the girl working for Widmore who tricked Sawyer into believing she's from Ajira 316--is more than just a henchman. Well, at least according to Sheila Kelley.

"She really believes what she is doing is the right thing to do and you'll understand that more when you see the upcoming episodes," she told TVGuide.com. "She is there on the island looking for somebody and she's looking for something. She will know who it is when she finds that person. She also believes she has the answer."

The answer to what? Consider that she's working with Charles Widmore, someone who was booted off the Island and has since gone on a quest to reclaim it for himself. Also consider Zoe's background as a geophysicist. "She is a maverick in her field and believes there are more answers than the status quo is willing to buy into," Kelley said. "She wants to bring the concrete world of physics and geology into much more esoteric happenings, like time travel and the energy of the island. She's bridging the gap between science and belief. It's a strong theme throughout the whole show."

"She prepared very rigorously to come to the Island for what she needs to do, and what she needs to do is huge," she added. "She's 20 steps ahead all the time... or she likes to believe she is."

Kelley, who was last seen on The Sopranos and her own DVD of strip workouts, has enjoyed the experience of shooting Lost so far. "I love the technique that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse choose to work with their actors," she said. "It's kind of like what happens when you're dropped into somebody's life. I have to make up my own back story and balance out the things that aren't on the page to support what I'm acting. I find it challenging and fun."

Should we expect her until the very end of the series? "I don't even know if I'm in the finale," she answered. Fair enough.

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