'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: They're Remembering Things!
'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: They're Remembering Things!
Here's another clip from tomorrow's Lost episode, titled "The Last Recruit", and this one brings us back to the alternate timeline--a timeline where, apparently, Los Angeles is served by only one hospital. And I'm willing to bet that's Jack's hospital.

If you may recall, last week alternate Desmond ran over alternate (and wheelchair-bound) Locke with his car. If you may also recall, a few weeks back Sun was shot as Mikhail tried to kill Jin. In a fit of convenience, they were rushed to the same hospital... although that means Sun will remember something. And that something isn't so nice.

Rethinking Sun's aphasia a few weeks back, was that not just an injury, but more of her consciousness actually traveling? Maybe she didn't just (temporarily) lose her ability to speak English. Maybe she somehow flashed back to the time when she was still learning English from Jae?

Yes, I know I'm overthinking this. But now I'm willing to bet that if and when Jack sees both Locke and Sun, he will remember something...

(Image courtesy of ABC)