'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: Once Upon a Time on an Island Far Away...
'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: Once Upon a Time on an Island Far Away...
It's pretty obvious why I'm excited for next week's Lost episode, "Across the Sea": we finally learn of the origins of both Jacob and the Man in Black, and presumably, the Island as well.

Here are two preview clips from next week's episode, and none of them feature any of the series regulars--as expected in an episode that's been hyped precisely because of a lack of familiar faces.

Spoilers: Who will you see on "Across the Sea"?

Clip number one features Allison Janney, she who the official episode synopsis simply refers to as "woman". Here she's tending to a newcomer to the Island, played by Lela Loren. After watching this clip, I'm thinking Janney won't be playing the mother to either Jacob or the Man in Black, but is instead someone who's keeping watch over the Island way before everything happened:

Clip number two someone we've seen before: Kenton Duty, also known as that kid showing up to Locke in the past weeks. I guess it's safe to presume the kid is Jacob, especially after watching this clip, where he runs around with a boy in black:

I also remember an "oldest hunter" character in next week's episode. How exactly does he figure? Most importantly, how will all of these figure into the lives of Jack and the rest that survived Tuesday night's sub sabotage?

(Image courtesy of ABC)