'Lost' Video Preview: Desmond in the Altverse
'Lost' Video Preview: Desmond in the Altverse
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Desmond-centric "Happily Ever After" promises to be one of the more revealing episodes of Lost, especially if you're interested in theories about time travel and the existence and meaning of the alternate universe.  Desmond's episodes always involve the greatest theoretical elements of Lost's scientific ideas.

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Now you can check out a clip from next week's new episode set in the alternate universe.  It seems that Desmond did land in Los Angeles after all, and he'll be meeting plenty of very familiar faces in his alternate life.

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In the clip, Desmond bumps into Claire at baggage claim and offers to give her a ride.  Obviously that doesn't happen, but the most interesting thing is Desmond's apparently psychic ability to predict the gender of Claire's baby.  Does he know more about Aaron than he's letting on?

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