LOST to Announce New Time Slot and End Date
LOST to Announce New Time Slot and End Date
LOST show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse literally toured the country by phone yesterday appearing on morning radio shows across the country appearing on shows like Preston & Steve to discuss what remains of LOST season three, and what lay ahead for show.

Listening to various broadcasts yesterday I was struck by the general feeling that LOST’s much heralded season three turn around is becoming canonized in the press once again.  Yes, a few cranks asked aimless questions like “When will we get answers?” completely oblivious to the fact that LOST has been left its info faucet running for the last eight or nine episodes, but mostly the reaction was positive and the LOST bosses came prepared to answer two questions that have raised a great deal of controversy lately. 

The first was the time slot.  Both men agreed that while the time slot had allowed them to be a little more risqué with their on screen sex and violence, it had ultimately degraded the family viewing experience and was not doubt responsible for the dip in ratings.  It was a safe bet, according to Cuse, that the show would be changing its air day and time and that an announcement would come soon.   While there was no indication as to where LOST might end up

Cuse and Lindelof also addressed the matter of just when the big questions would be answered and came back with an intriguing proposition.  At this very moment, the LOST production crew is negotiating with ABC to set an end date for the series and that end date will be announced soon.  They did not say when, but ABC is scheduled to chime in on the final line up for the 2007/2008 season sometime around May 15th, so it is safe to assume that the announcement of just how many episodes of LOST remain will be made at that time.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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