'Lost' Stars Branch Out During Hiatus
'Lost' Stars Branch Out During Hiatus
Lost may be off the air, but there are still plenty of opportunities to catch some of your favorite Lost stars on both the small screen, and the big screen.  Here is an overview of some upcoming projects featuring the Lost thespians flexing their considerable acting chops.

You may know her best as Desmond's (Henry Ian Cuskick) babe Penny Widmore, but Sonya Walger has an impressive list of credits on intense shows like Sleeper Cell, CSI: NY,  and even did a voice for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  How's that for bad-ass?  Walger is a regular on HBO's new drama Tell Me You Love Me, and in case you missed it, she bared all in the recent pilot.  Don't worry, it's HBO, it's on all month.

Joining Walger is Lost's Boone, Ian Somerhalder.  The DVD set of his Marco Polo miniseries hit stores recently and is definitely a good watch.  Somerhalder is appearing as Nick on Tell Me You Love Me.  No word if this is a recurring or regular character, or if he bares anything, but since that seems to be the theme of the show, I'm gonna say that if you're holding out hope, you may not be disappointed.

Naveen Andrews will be co-starring in The Brave One this month.  The film stars Jodie Foster as a woman whose fiancé is beat to death by some thugs, prompting Foster to become a vigilante bent on avenging her lost love.  Andrews' last big screen appearance, Grindhouse, was panned and was a box office bomb.  Directed by the legendary Neil Jordan (The Crying Game), The Brave One has the potential to avenge Andrews big screen bankability.

Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Prison Break's Sarah Wayne Callies (Sara) star in Whisper, a low budget thriller about a kidnapped devil child that slowly kills off his abductors with supernatural forces.  The film was originally titled Hellion and has yet to be released in the USA.  Universal is currently holding video distribution rights, and judging by the screener that dropped in my lap last week, the movie is close to release.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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